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  1. Hi , What chairs do you use in your studio/home studio setups? I need a better chair as suffering from lower back issues. However I'm trying to find best of all worlds where chair offers good lumber support ,ergonomic for prolonged sessions in front of screen, but also has the flexibility for the arm supports to be both height adjustable and also fold away to allow for guitar playing more easily whilst at desk. Also, does anyone use kneeling chairs? Any good in this environment?
  2. Hi, Any tips or advise? I just finished and exported a song. Pleased with end result. Sounded fine on monitor speakers and headphones. Bass guitar was just how I wanted it. However just streamed it from SoundCloud to see how it sounded on mobile phone. Disappointingly, I couldn't hear the bass line at all. My phone has a reasonably good speaker for a phone. Wondering how to get some bass heard on the mobile phone environment without killing original character of the bass line. Thanks.
  3. Hi, thanks for the tip. Can I check something? If I install the free MM , will it install a version of Samplitude also from what you said? Won't mess up my Sam5 config will they? If I uninstall those progs after installing I guess it will remove the 64bit revolts?
  4. Thanks Werner. Didn't know where to start. They seem like good mics. As you guessed correctly I am interested only in vocals. Having read some reviews I've gone with Røde NT1. Hopefully it will be ok.
  5. Hi, can anyone recommend a similar quality/priced mic to the M-Audio nova condenser mic? Were these mics manufactured by another company and M-Audio just badged them? Thanks.
  6. Hi all, As a complete amateur , I 'd like to ask how you guys deal with getting a song to sound good across multiple platforms and your techniques. I read studio engineers use a mono speaker to switch to from studio monitors to judge how it sounds on say a mobile phone speaker and mix accordingly. I have never done this and relied purely on my ears and monitor speakers. Maybe I should? I just feel that mixing this way perhaps enforces a compromise in the end sound. Am I missing something here? Also short of taking youth serum, how do engineers cope with the ageing process as ones ears frequency response deteriorates as you get older especially the top end. My fear is of over compensation of the top end because of this. I also find it hard to hear if low end bass notes are in tune at times. Anyone else? Interested to hear your thoughts and suggestions/tips. Thanks
  7. Can anyone recommend a good software synth 64 bit alternative to Revolta. I like the sounds etc on it but find 32 bit plugins glitchy so rarely use it.
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