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  1. Hi Evael, I contacted samplitude support and they provided me with a fix. Here's what I got in the email: It works for me, hope it helps. MxQt_software.cfg MxQt.cfg
  2. Hi Kraznet, Thanks for the quick reply. Guess I'll wait a bit longer and go through more of the tutorials on your youtube channel. Thanks for the tutorials, they are really helpful for newbies like myself. Regards Spike
  3. Hello, I just moved from music maker to Samplitude (can't resist the sales price ). I noticed the same on-screen keyboard issue happened in Music Maker. Detail of the problem was posted by another user on the Music Maker forum, here is the link to the post: https://www.magix.info/us/forum/on-screen-keyboard-problem--1198873/ The fix in the post works perfectly for Music Maker, but does not work for samplitude, tried to contact samplitude support and still haven't heard back from them. Does anyone here on the forum ever encountered the same problem or knows how to solve it? Thanks.
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