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  1. Great job on these JAWS scripts guys. Not only are these scripts very thorough and robust in terms of functionality across the UI, but the comprehensive and clear documentation that comes with the scripts makes it much easier for those of us transitioning from using other DAW software to effectively using Samplitude. Keep up the good work. Hopefully Magix can interact with the scripters to enable even better access and a more seamless experience for users of screen readers as time goes on. --Pete
  2. tom, I have been a blind user of Sonar for a long time and helped with some of the JAWS scritping for that product. I've been following the progress Steve and others have been making so that Samplitude has become not only accessible but actually useable and productive for those using a screen reader. They have done an outstanding job with this project and so I have now made the switch to Samplitude and have started digging in to learn its functionality. I also understand that Magix developers appreciate the challenges to those using screen readers to access programs that are often complex and graphical in nature and applaud the fact that you have engaged with those in the community who are knowledgeable about using screen readers, writing scripts, and providing important feedback. I thus have confidence that this product and the tools for working with a screen reader will continue to be supported and improve over time. I wish more developers would engage in such a positive manner. As for developing a unified access solution...Although there are many screen reading programs available around the world, JAWS is the leading commercial solution in this arena. In addition JAWS has a mature set of scripting tools with which many JAWS users are familiar and can use to improve access to programs. One other note: I often make the distinction between "accessibility" and "useability" of a solution or program. A program may be "accessible" in that a user can navigate to and activate windows elements such as buttons, checkboxes, dialogs, etc using keyboard commands. But that does not mean that the program is necessarily "useable" in an efficient and productive manner for a person who cannot see the screen. One must also consider the work flow in determining "useability". thus, for example, if a user can navigate to a button but it takes 20 presses of the tab key to get to the button, the user's ability to complete a projrect in a timely fashion could be diminished. Similarly, if a user has to expend many keystrokes to view a meter reading and then nanvigate back to another part of the screen to perform a function based on the meter reading, this will make the work process slow and cumbersome. thus, even if a program is "accessible" from the standpoint of the user being able to read and navigate to all elements within the UI, some scripting will inevitably be needed in order to make the program "useable". Anyway, I look forward to seeing the progress that will be made with making Samplitude a user-friendly program for the blind and offer to help out as I can and as needed. --Pete
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