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  1. These scripts are fantastic, combining comprehensive support of the DAW features with efficient workflow (something that's often overlooked with accessibility solutions). I can't see any reason why a visually-impaired user couldn't run a successful commercial project studio now. An amazing effort - well done.
  2. Hi, I'm the developer of SurfaceReader and I can confirm Phil's test results. To explain a little, SurfaceReader uses a pair of virtual MIDI cables in order for it to work as middleware between the ports that are physically connected to a given control surface and a DAW application. MIDI Messages sent by the hardware are received by SurfaceReader, analysed and any required speech is output, then the message is transmitted via the first virtual cable to the DAW, which should be configured to ignore the MIDI In port that the surface is connected to and use the first virtual MIDI In port instead. Similarly, when the DAW sends MIDI messages, they should be sent out using the second virtual Out port, with the physical MIDI Out port being used by the control surface being disabled. SurfaceReader receives the message, generates speech output based on its analysis, then sends it on to the output port being used by the hardware. Disabling the ports being used by the control surface hardware prevents the obvious problem of duplicate messages being received. Additionally, it is necessary to configure the DAW to disable the first virtual cable's Out port and the second virtual cable's In port in order to prevent MIDI loops. It would appear that disabling a MIDI port within Samplitude's MIDI dialog only disables it with respect to track operations and any such settings are not respected by any attempt to configure a control surface in the Hardware Controllers dialog. Most of my users are moving from Cakewalk Sonar to Samplitude and this issue prevents them from using my software, which is a distinct downgrade with respect to this aspect of the DAW operation. However, I must take this opportunity to thank the Magix development team for their efforts in supporting the Samplitude Access project - I did some of the initial coding, though Steve has taken it way beyond the point where work commitments meant that I had to leave the project. It's great to have another high-quality solution that's accessible to visually-impaired people. Please contact me at: tim@raisedbar.net if you require any further information that might take this issue forward. Best wishes. Tim Burgess
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