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  1. Hi everybody I've been using SF pitch shift and pitch Bend effect/process for ages, really love it and use it a lot. Today, don't know why, the pitch shift plug (always present on the usual EFFECTS | PITCH menu) is just not responding, doing nothing. FWIW the Bend part works as usual, but choosing "Shift" does just nothing. Any ideas about how to get this right? Is this a known bug? thanks cheers dd
  2. Larry, thanks for you post, and many thanks for the tutorial, can't understand why it is not included in the install/download when yuo purchase the product in the first place. Very useful. My issues are with VST menu, I see my plugins now but it is a mess in terms of organisation. In OSnar I starte dby creating my custom plugin layout (I do that in SF for ages and it is not as nice and clear looking as in Sonar but it helps. i couldn't make in X3 yet. But I stopped caring about custom plugin layout when SOnar improved its browser to include the search field. I just type "ULT" and I see my Ultra-Maximizers already, very fast and easy. Is there a browser with search for plugins? Another thing is VSTi, can't I just create a simple instrument track as in Sonar? That's killing me. For the rest 'layouts, skins, project templates ) I really need to spend some time with X3 before I complain, it is difficult (I use my DAW daily as my actual job, so I cna't spend a lot of time learning cause I need to deliver, so I keep going back to Sonar to get things done fast and easy) I hope to have some free time to dive into creating a simple project and doing some serious work soon, and meanwhile watching the videos and reading that tutorial would help, I guess.. thanks a lot, cheers dd
  3. Hey Bitflipper, nice to find you here. I'm in the first stages of "getting my Sonar habits melt into using Samplitude", can you point me to the tutorials taht should be consumed first ? I've found more specific and very informing videos already (comping, automation) but still trying to get a grab into the main UI and project start up (how can I choose I/O from the track header? How can I switch to ALL/CUSTOM/MIX track pane header, is it possible? Where are the BUSES in the console?!, etc) Thanks and again, nice to find familiar faes (er...avatars) here. dd
  4. Hi, thanks for this post that answers my questions. On my Sonar VST scan I find Independence alright (both on x86 and x64) but I guess now reading your post I should buy a separate license to use that out of demo mode on Sonar, right? What about iZotope Mastering suite? Even if I point my x64 Sonar to the only spot on my C: drive where those dll seems to be (ie the x86 vst folder) i cna't see them in Sonar. Are those also limited to Samplitude/SF? THANKS d d
  5. Thanks again @kraznet for all the videos, I'll definitely use your youtube channel, but so far I guess I need some "start up" tutorials to get a midi+audio multitrack project started, can you point me to any? Like starting from scratch a project? My professional exigencies and dead lines prevent me from now to get seriously into X3Pro cause I spent like 12 hours and couldn't get anything done yet, a large waste of time trying to organize tracks and vst menus (templates?) V8 runs like a rock here though, but I just use it for CD mastering, so 2 tracks, I don't really use automation or AUX, different use really. I'll stick to Sonar for now and try to tame Samplitude little by little in my spare time. Sonar people: anybody compiled a thread where we could suggest to each other ways to do "usual Sonar things" in Samplitude? Like creating track templates, organising custom vst menus, etc? Key binding? etc That'll be great, I could start a thread with a couple of questions . Thanks, cheers dd ..
  6. Hello, fellas. I'm new to this forum, I used SAM V8 for ages (Mastering only) but bought the X3pro pack 2 days ago trying to reconvert myself from 30 years of Cakewalk. So far: it is a disaster ! lolo I've been 2 days tweaking parameters and still couldn't make a thing on Samplitude (in terms of creating a Midi+Audio project an get it working) I can't even get my VST in the menu, forget about my Vsti... Horrible. Will read everything in this post with interest, any overall advice is welcomed cause so far so bad... So good to find "familiar faces" here, feels a bit more homey. Love dd
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