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  1. I purchased the pro x3 suite last year. My computer was having problems as it is about 5-6 yrs. old. I bought a new computer but when I went to the my products page, even though it shows my products with all the right numbers, the Samplitude pro x3 suite I purchased is not available for download ...anyone know how to access this download. I need to do a fresh install as I am not migrating my files from the old computer. Any help on this subject would be appreciated as I am down until I get this figured out.
  2. Thank you so much for the heads up and the info. I'll try to keep up with the new menu and if needed I'll go to the older menu. Great information to be aware of for new users. Thank you
  3. As I type this , I am going into thirteen hours of downloading Suite with only 88 to go! I heard somewhere that oxen are slow but the earth is patient....... I too have used Sonar since the early 2000's..... After recently closing my business of 35 years due to injury, I now have the time to dedicate fully to my first love....Music! As a musician I have always played and practiced music in spite of my workload through the years.......Learning how to properly do recording and utilizing a DAW's full potential however, has always been a deep desire but not a top priority......Now I am so excited to finally feel the "ok " to dig into this wonderful art as a priority. After weeks of nonstop research and downloading the demo for every DAW I could find on the market I was all set to buy Prox3 as It seemed to me this company is a company focused more on professionals composing music with traditional instruments ......than most the other out of the box offerings that seem to trend more toward a beat, dance, hip-hop type market focus(packaged content of instruments, loops, modulators etc.) Just my initial opinion through observation. I think the other offerings are great if that is where one is but I am more of a singer songwriter type that will fully utilize the included instruments of this DAW. When through hanging out on the different forums I heard about the killer deal being ran on x3 suite I just couldn't buy it fast enough.....so here I am digging in. Already watching wonderful instructional video's. Thank you so much Kraznet for the hard work of producing all these videos for us to better understand and learn this amazing DAW. QUESTION.....Are the Samplitude videos from 6-8 years ago still relevant to watch and learn for this version? I would very much like to start with the basics of this program if they are. Thanks and I look forward to getting to know you all better. Tim
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