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  1. You have this one. But i dont know if you like it...
  2. Here's another tip: f you are running 32 bits, you can not use Kraznet tip to use the old plugin browser. "Which is a great tip, because that new browser looks a mess and is slow to work with." You need to do exactly what Kraznet said, but in a different location. There is the another sam.ini file in your "Templates folder" e have to change it here, not the one in the program folder. [Factors] FxBrowserOptions=1 In this case you also can see VST3 list as well. But make sure to add VST3 folder manually, even if the VST3 system folder is already listed in the program.
  3. Yesterday i´ve download Samplitude Pro X4 to make the skin for it. And of course i had to test the new functions Pros: - The implantation of the lanes and the ability to mess around with automations levels it's amazing. - The new midi functions are very helpful - The new buttons and sliders looks great. CONS: - The skin design is terrible at the lanes section. In some skins they won't even update that part. Or is just in the demo? - Just a few improvements for a new version.
  4. Yes, that is correct. When i sayd "... you should have all in the same place..." I meant all VST2 plugins in the same folder in VST3 in the same folder.
  5. You can install Samplitude in another drive. Even if this is an external hard drive. You can have multi daws installed on your Samplitude drive, or in Windows drive. There is no conflict with that. If you have some conflicts the problem is probably on your operating system, not the daws. You could have different folders for VST2 and VST3, but you should have all in the same place. Again...They dont need to be installed on the same drive of Samplitude. On Samplitude VST Options you can choose where is your default VST folder, and search for other plugins folders. After that, all your plugins will be detected and loaded in the future.
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