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  1. Thanks for the info Terry. I have yet to be able to use independence pro in finale. It works fine as standalone but I'm still getting the files not found message in finale.
  2. Hey Terry. Don't have the 3.5 version. All I have is 3.6. Any way to get 3.5?Still no success with this. Thanks
  3. Can you help me with this? This is the standalone version of independence which I have purchased. I've not had this problem in Samp ProX suite.


    Mike WallaceCapture.thumb.PNG.309bcd5d463aa82fed8181e41f6ddab3.PNG

  4. Good day to all. I have no trouble with independence in Samp. ProX. I have the stand alone version also and this is what I'm getting. I bet it's a simple fix. Please help. Thanks
  5. thanks for all you do.

  6. Thank yo a bunch Kraznet. You are a God
  7. What is the best way(s) to export files, full projects, etc. from Samp for opening in other DAWS and visa versa. Thanks
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