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  1. Glad to share my new single!You can find it on all digital platforms! https://www.deezer.com/tr/album/61708042 https://open.spotify.com/album/0LN8sgyKO12Rh3QYOzfXN5 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/heaven/1373700378?i=1373700398 (Recorded, mixed and mastered with Sam X3 by me)
  2. Thanks. Yes, it's easy to use.Started work with it.Doing nice job.
  3. Thanks. I just saw your reply. But it's working for only MP3,right? Cause i can't see any data on .wav file when i export it.
  4. Hello,I will release my single soon.Recording,mixing and mastering done with Samplitude Pro X3.But i can't find any metadata editor in Samplitude.It's OK for CD distribution but i will release my single on digital platforms.I just want to edit metadata and artwork.Is it possible with Samplitude?Also if it's not possible with Samplitude,can you suggest me any free software to do that?I searched little bit and found Mp3tag.It's free works and with .wav files.Here is link; https://www.mp3tag.de/en/ Any one using this one? Or any alternative?Thanks.
  5. Finally fixed Visualization! Problem was monitoring setting. Monitoring was Engine Mode.I changed it to Mixer FX Monitoring and now working! Thanks for all helps!
  6. I tried everything.Even clean uninstall and install... Now Sam can remember my setting and projects but Visualization still not working...
  7. Also i have another strange issue. Samplitude can't remember any setting.When i close and re-open Samplitude,it's resetting all settings.Even skin and "Scale with Fades/Curves" setting.And can't open existing projects.I have to go project folder and open it.What is wrong?
  8. Hi, Sorry for late response and thanks for replies! Fixed my problem but still have issue with Visualization.Tried to closing and re-opening,changing output...But no luck...
  9. Thanks! I tried Right-Click and choose Master or any output of my soundcard but no luck.Can't get response.
  10. Hello, I have two problem with Samplitude. 1.Waveform and faders are linked.So i can't see waveform when i take fader all the way down.How to unlink and see original waveform? 2.Suddenly master meter started not working.Not mixer master channel meter.I mean meter in dock.I can't see meter or any other features.It's totally not responding. Thanks.
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