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  1. kraznet...THANKS! Very grateful for all the help, just getting started with Pro X3. Haven't had this much fun in years,sure makes a huge difference in the learning curve having the videos to turn to along the way. Cheers!
  2. I am an official SONAR Refugee,too. I love that DAW and hope the new info on BandLab's new venture regarding the old Cakewalk/SONAR DAW points to some sunny days ahead for SONAR users. But I gotta say, I am more than happy with my Samplitude Pro X3 rig, and will be using it as my primary DAW, alongside my old stand-by, Studio One 3, for a long time to come. I am sold. I have basic lite versions of about every commercial DAW available on a laptop we use for songwriting, just to check A/B variations on workflow within each individual DAW. For a basic DAW, ACID is the one of the best. We have had a copy of basic ACID since back in the Sonic Foundry daze,so there has been some familiarity on the switch over to the MAGIX line of products. Big fan of ACID, such an easy to use, intuitive DAW that can produce some amazing recordings.So awesome Pro X3 syncs it all together. Thanks for all the info on this forum!
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