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  1. Right, overdubbing does stand for adding data, recording midi by keeping existing notes. When this mode is used with midi controller data, it simply adds new midi curves to existing ones. We expect replacement, however. The overdubbing function cannot distinguish between keeping midi notes, but replacing midi controller values. If you use replace instead of overdub, your previously recorded notes will be replaced, too.

    Two ways to handle that:

    1. Delete midi controller regions and use overdubbing with punch in and out, then smooth the edges.
    2. Separate your midi controller data from your midi notes in two different tracks that point to the same midi playback source. You then can record new midi controller data using your hardware controller on a third track, or revolver track, then cut or comp what you want and merge this back into one midi track.


    You could also extract midi controller data to an automation curve. To do so go in the menu to:

    Object -> Edit -> Extract Controller Curves from Midi File.

    The actual midi controller becomes inactive, now you keep working with the Automation Curve. The process is one way, that is, you cannot convert the automation curve back to midi data. You also cannot use Latch to further modify your automation curve. However, working with automation curves for midi controller seems more convenient than editing the controller data in the midi editor. Try it!

  2. @Guest rBh,

    Visually there is no difference, the Manual is for 3.0 (2012). Version 3.5 and 3.6 can host 64bit VSTis. If they work or not seems to depend on the plugin itself: Recently I had sforzando from Plogue working in Independence; with the updates 3.5 and 3.6 sforzando still loads, but I cannot play any sounds. Another VSTi I tired works just fine in Independence.

  3. The initial idea was to load a 3rd party VSTs into Independence to use the midi file feature, but this does not work. Mapped midi files play by default only an Independence instrument loaded in the same layer.

    The linked thread discusses how to use midi files in Independence to play any other virtual instrument in Samplitude using midi thru, VST midi out, and VST midi out - recording.

    In short:

    1.a) In Independence, your layer with the midi file, turn on "midi thru" 

    1.b) In Independence, Top Menu where it says Plug-in, enable "VST Midi out"

    2.a) Create a Track in Sam with Kontakt or whatever, I am using SSD5 for that matter. 

    2.b) In the Mixer, at the very top of the track strip select "VST Midi Out - Recording" 

    Make sure it's all on the same channel, using "all" channels will work, too.

    When you now hold the key mapped to the midi file in Indi on your Keyboard the midi signal flows -> Independence in -> convert to midi sequence -> midi thru -> VST Midi out of the Plugin Menu -> VST Midi Out - Record (in) on the track you selected.


  4. In reference to Midi Programs (2012 Manual, p. 50), here is how to do it:

    1)    Set up some banks with midi programs in Independence, as described.
    2)    To select banks, use midi controller “32 Bank LSB”, start with 0 (In Samplitude's event viewer from left to right: Ctrl Ch, 1, 32 Bank LSB, 0). 
    3)    To select programs, use midi controller “Program Change”, start with 1 (In the event viewer from left to right Progr Ch, 1 [midi ch], 1 to 127 [Prg.#], blank) 
    4)    Make sure the sequence in events is 1) Bank, 2) Program, 3) Note

    Samplitude can extract the midi controller “32 Bank LSB” as an automation curve. It won't extract the midi ctrl for "Program Change."

    The object editor’s program change function does not seem to communicate with Independence, that seems to be for GM only.

    Comments welcome :-)


  5. This is what I got to work with midi learn.

    1) You need to put Vandal like a VSTi on a track, and route your midi controller to it, just like any VSTi. BUT, don't try to play notes if that's a keyboard with sliders and knobs unless you edit the "global preferences" in Vandal and turn Key switches off, but oups, you cannot turn all of them off -> failure.

    2) Assign midi ctrl. with midi learn or selecting a controller from the list.

    3) Move Vandal to an Aux Bus, or to a slot e.g. after a VSTi, it still should read you data coming from a midi controller.

    4) You cannot assign midi controller when Vandal is inserted after a VSTi.

    Page 893 missed one essential point, how to route your midi data from you controller to Vandal. Hardware controller and easy peasy learn doesn't work at all.

    It took me two f#$%ing hours to figure this out!! :angry2:

    BTW, X4 comes with a different version of Vandal then X3 - didn't see that in the What's New? Department of the Manual.

    Cheers, I already had some drinks.


    ps. all that, sometimes it works, sometimes not

  6. Hi Rick,

    In Vandal, you see at the top a blue window (Console) in the center which displays the template's name, below Remote 1, thru Remote 5

    On the right, below the tuning window, you see a symbol for a wrench, click on that and look at my attached image.

    For example, I put for Remote 1 Bass Amp: Gain, leave the middle as is, on the right move the slider to the right.

    In your track with Vandal on it, open automation options and choose Remote 1, apply some curve for testing.


    I have not tried that midi learn option that you see here, check the manual p. 893.

    Hope that helps,





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