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  1. Hello, I'm new to Samplitude Music Studio and DAWs. I am not using the Pro version (I'm using the $99 Music Studio version). I have a Personus AudioBox USB 96 connected to my windows computer and I recorded a couple tracks of guitar and bass. I also created a MIDI drum track using the free MT Power Drum Kit 2. I've completed the mixing by adding various effects and adjusted the volume levels (and MIDI velocity on the drum parts that were too loud - "long crash"). The recording sounds good when I play it back in the transporter using Samplitude. However, when I export it to a WAV or MP3 file, the music sounds dull and muffled. I've played with a lot of different settings within the "Master Suite", including the limiter and parametric EQ. Of course, I'm picking the highest quality output for MP3/WAV, but it still sounds "dull". I've also turned off the Master Suite settings (limiter, EQ, ...) on the Master track. I was thinking I already liked the song's sound so I did not need any more adjustments on the Master track. Any tips you can share with me on producing a better export? I've been watch tutorials on YouTube, but still not having any luck. Thanks for your advice!
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