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  1. When you load this video into Vegas it works nicely but in SForge Pro 13 - very recent update - it's just silent: https://www.dropbox.com/s/njpkmvtk5jcz5il/video-clip.mp4?dl=0
  2. Please do not block (grey out) the VBR setting for Mono MP3s :) When you click Mono in the MP3 format setting you suddenly can't turn off VBR. Only if you select Stereo you can turn off VBR and THEN your can click Mono again and save the Mono CBR mp3 setting.
  3. Distortion normally affects both the top and bottom of a waveform. But the DeClipper only works on the lower part of the waveform / asymmetrically. Notice that the waveform on picture 2 only looks correct (declipped) on the bottom of the waveform - the DeClipper didn't fix the upper clipped part of the waveform.
  4. SF Pro v12 creates weird clicks (like bits of the sound from the start of the sample) at the end of the sample if you 1) resample it to 8.000 Hz (using antialias and interpolation?) and saves it as WAV - CCITT u-law 8000 Hz 8-b8t mono. I've attached the samples that caused the bug for me. bug when resampled to 8khz w alias, full interpolation 1.wav bug when resampled to 8khz w alias, full interpolation 2.wav
  5. Yeah, I have that issue too. Just tried the newest 64 bits version but that still freezes my entire PC/Windows instantly. I'm now searching for the 32 bits version.
  6. I'm talking about the file format templates you save inside Vegas' render requester and Sound Forge's save requester. These cannot be saved in a folder (at least not by the user) but only inside the requester. I had to manually find the templates from SF11 in C:\Users\**name**\AppData\Roaming\Sony\Render Templates and copy them to a new location. I suspect, that the SF12 installer fails to migrate\copy these user created templates from the old installation to the new v12.
  7. Yes - all my user templates saved in SFP11 wasn't present in SFP12.
  8. Please consider avoiding the blurry look on pro monitors. Turning on 'Override hi-DPI scaling...' (on the EXE file) makes SForge look great again. Perhaps you could do that per default or make it very easy to fix the blurry look inside SForge. You might be able to spot the difference on the attached screenshot(s) - it's very clear for the user. Please
  9. Dragging around the Transport section creates weird visual artefacts on the desktop. This makes it very hard to position. Please watch the attached video. I use the 32 bit version and my monitor is rotated to portrait. SFPro12 dragging Transport bug.mp4
  10. After installing SF12 Pro the keymaps you created in SF11 are missing in SF12's keymap editor.
  11. Thanks! - good to know. I just hope Magix will make sure these - are transferred to the new installed version of SForge automatically.
  12. I had a bunch of important Templates for Sound Forge Pro 11 - but these are missing in Sound Forge 12.
  13. Sound Forge 12 - 32 bits worked nicely!
  14. Vegas 15 64 bits (and v14) works without any driver problems, yes. You could try Gary at support2@soniccore.de (if you haven't already). I wish I could do more to help! - but I'll check SF12 32 bits soon.
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