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  1. Thanks Kraznet; I suspected as much. I mostly want the orchestral sounds so, much as I like Independence, I picked up Garritan Personal Orchestra 5, currently 50% and a lot less than buying the full Independence package a second time, and of course I still have Independence when I don't mind working in Samplitude. Garritan have some neat compression going on: the whole library came down in a little over 4GB, then expanded to 3 times that.
  2. Hoping this thread isn't dead, as I have a question about Independence that seems to fit here. I have Samplitude Pro X3 Suite and therefore the full Independence library - but, as indicated in the Samplitude versions comparison, it only works inside Samplitude. If I want to use Independence and the full library in other DAWs, what do I need to buy - surely not the whole product? Thanks.
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