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  1. Hey, does Sequoia send an overall MIDI controller reset after starting? Several Vienna Ensemble Instrument´s MIDI Controllers are completely shut down (Value: 0), when leaving the Vienna instances open after a Sequoia re-launch... THX BX
  2. Hi, I deleted some tracks in the mixer with a VST Instrument that I don´t use anymore. However, Sequoia asks for this in a prompt during the launch now. Is there maybe another editor where I can check for old plug In instances? I am trying Sequoia 16 at the moment. THX BX
  3. Dear Forum, after starting MIDI projects with third party VSTis (As you can see here it is just one MIDI instance of BFD3s actual version) I "here and there" have this behaviour: Which methods allow avoiding crashes in SampProX5? When not happening directly at startup a crash to times happens during the creative work in a project which combines Audio and MIDI editing. If you switch the Monitoring Modes in the Audio Settings (shortcut: Y) sometimes BFD3 PlugIn - the only instance here - crashes. I also observed some DAW crashing after switching the monitor track buttons. At times you hear a kind of audio hickup when pressing these switches during playback. -> It seems to help a bit to stop the transport before switching the Monitor track buttons on the VSTi-Track. I also need to change the Monitor settings occasionally for live effects during vocal recording. However, if 128 samples in buffer is selected I still get a pretty long audio latency with the Aux1(Pre) on the vocal channel feeding a reverb Plugin during the recording (Third party Or Stock reacts the same)...This is a method to get the internal Audio effects on the headphone in my at least better known DAWs for a vocal recording situation. You mix the DAW reverb/dly effects on a low buffer setting while listening to the direct input of your audio interface...I checked it back in Cubase 10.5 on the same machine which runs properly to exclude inproper system settings and/or driver issues and such. Besides, the DAW seems to also run more stable with converted audio on the BFD3 MIDI track using freeze objects on an additional revolver track. Of course, this could be a generic workaround to minimize real time VSTi "dangers" of the processing. However, in my view the cpu load should be not a problem in the here shown early stage of starting a bigger arrangement populating the project with more VSTis. My overall feel is that I have to find some stabilising workarounds at least in the VSTi/MIDI realm working in SamplitudeProX5. Again, my quest for a magix composers corner and some experienced advice there regarding MIDI composition in a magix DAW (Sequoia and/or Samplitude). I ´d love to see MIDI/VSTi composing workflows being presented at next VDT convention in Germany. THX Best BX
  4. Dear Forum, I exported this: and got back this (missing files) : How to approach getting all files back in the AAF export for migrating the proper Audio into Cubase Pro 10.5. Just testing, no professional project... THX Best BX Some Pics of the Samplitude export settings are missing:
  5. Hey, for some time I checked a bit on third party VST PlugIns. I found that Samp/Seq work pretty good with SlateDigital for example. Although they do not officially support magix software. Okay A very important thing is, to really take care for a proper USB connection of iloks and stuff. For some reason my front USB dock of the PC seems to be not 100% working stable. Dont know why. Will check... However, this improper reading of the authorizations on the Hardware dongle led to loooong loading times of VST plugIns, which has nothing to do with the software or so. Thought to let you know. In my view it´s not an obvious issue and it took some time to get a clue on that one. The same might be true if you use usb hubs or so. Since I am using the rear ports on the machine (no cables no hubs), everything is fine. Best BX
  6. UPDATE: I checked the admin opening of Seq but still no functioning of saving projects on my Backup FAT Drive. Instead Seq freezes to having to quit force it. Cubase and ohers can be saved on that location, though. UPDATE2. CrystalDisk analysis says something about pending sectors on that particular drive. Seems to be a drive failure. exFat has no file size restrictions, would not take that into account. Wiping the file will be the next step.
  7. Great, Thx Matfle. Dedicated Windows drives w/ NTFS works properly at least with the projects in question. Will check the HFS for windows idea. I like to have one large backup drive for both systems. Thats where some of the current projects with Sequoia are located and worked properly some time ago. For quick edits I used to work on the FAT drives and resave the little changes without having to move lots of GBs around. It makes sensse to move bigger projects with serious editing on a dedicated Windows NTFS drive, though. Would be interesting to know about what to change. Georgs admin idea sounds to be a route to go. THX
  8. Hi Kraznet, that´s clear. main problem is that the save function does not work on a certain drive. I dont know why. after using the save or save as function seq13 freezes/crashes. will work on another drive with your transfer method. thx
  9. Hello tonminister, its an internal drive. it is fat formatted to use both pc and mac files. the project folder is stored on that drive. could be that in that respect there might be a danger with file formats and permissions etc... the program freezes and I use the task manager to force quit the program. I once saw an error message saying kind of that 0MB of the file could be saved. I try to catch it better if it occurs again. I can workaround saving to another location properly, but would be interested, what causes the behaviour. I also guess that the file is not corrupt. This happens to other projects, too, which worked properly before. The moment you save, seq13 freezes. I also tried the project file in sampx5, the same happens. thx!
  10. Dear Forum, at the moment its not possible to save-as projects on a certain drive. Other DAWs do, but my magix software does not. would switch to another drive as a first step. but, Which settings are recommended to save magix software on a certain drive in WINDOWS10 (Sequoia13 here)? an attempt could be checking access rights in Windows and such...maybe there is some experience in the community in that direction. THX BX)
  11. Seq13 is okay as I refer to common routines only. So, would not regard it as a mere bug. But there will be a basic way to merge aligned audio into video in a DAW. Just trying to figure it out. V13 contains Quicktime, though, but will change and check other options, sure. Good Info. EDIT: Setting to MPEG2 did not export audio and video in sync (as heard in the project). audio in the export still is some frames late. Don´t know why. THX BX
  12. Hi Christian, Selecting an area in the timeline. File>Export>Export Video. Checking Export Audio check box in the pop up menu Checking QuickTime Movie Checking Export marked Area only Giving the Audio File (.wav) a name choosing largest resolution in the video pop up, see above. Giving the movie file a name ---------------------- I saw the advanced audio setting in the Multiple CPU check box, informing that it might be a cause of Plug Ins to be incompatible. Due to the fact, that VSTis are still in the project. I try a new export this option unchecked, as the others are. --------------------------------- ...EDIT: Multiple CPU unchecked does not help THX BX
  13. Dear Uli, the original mp4-Video that I use in other DAWs was imported into sequoia after a .mjpeg conversion to add the chance to jump to timeline positions with the playhead with updating the video frame in the video window.. When I exported a demo composition I just used the video default settings that occur and only changed to a bigger resolution. Maybe there is something hidden causing the AV gap, sure. I will try out more. Of course there might be a better known check box to avoid or to check from a more experienced side in the Seq video realm. It´s just the default setting in my case. Seq13 is still completely fine to me for my 2track audio work. As I own it anyways just wondering from time to time using this higher value DAW for MIDI composing, too, trying some tasks here and there. For the moment I went over to Video Software to export time-aligned Audio and Video back into a mp4, working around a bit. I am sure there is a better way from Inside Sequoia. Thank you for your time! THX BX
  14. Dear Forum, after several attempts, the audio of the exported Video appears to be not in sync regarding the projects audio. I only use a already bounced Stereo - Master for the export with two muted tracks using virtual instruments, so there is not too much going on, I would say. I became more alert after observing the cues closer which are perfectly in time in the DAWs composing project. I can call back some already sent demo material, no problem ;-)) But: What is a good setting to avoid the offset in the Video Export´s audio for Mock Ups. Maybe I oversaw something. Thanks for your time for my A/V check in Seq-Land. Best regards BX
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