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  1. Theoretically, all my additional samples are at 96kHz 32BIT, I guess so Independence supports these samples.
  2. @tdor Yes I used only built-in plugins and one external "The Haunted Toy" which was free. I created an additional 26 GB samples for the Independence sampler, that's how it sounds.
  3. @Johnny Blade of course, but almost everything is online now My Music
  4. @HHfallback it's my respect for this person, I've already created 16GB of additional instruments for the Independence sampler
  5. My new project, almost everything is played by the Independence sampler.
  6. It was supposed to be sad thanks for comment Only music is composed by me, Video was made by Spyridon Official.
  7. Minimalistic composition, created on my sounds for the Independence sampler.
  8. The whole song was made in a sampler independence, for me as non musician, it's level hardcore
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