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  1. Thanks, yes I came across this during my research, decided to go with the DDMF plugin as it's about a third of the price & does all I need, but good to know! Cheers :)
  2. There is a solution! DDMF Metaplugin 64, it costs about £35 and is a very handy plugin chainer/router which also houses pretty much all plugin formats. The free demo version works fine if you can live with not saving your settings
  3. Just downloaded and tried Austrian Audio Polar Designer, also VST3 only, but it works! I hear Steinberg are dropping support for VST2 altogether, so it really is imperative that Magix resolve this issue really quite quickly.
  4. Alas it hasn't worked. It did the trick for the Rode Soundfield plugin but not Reason unfortunately... Thanks though, good tip to know
  5. That has also happened to me with a Voxengo VST3 plugin, but it still wasn't passing the audio through it. I hope they resolve it soon
  6. Really!? Wow! I'll give it a go. Thanks!
  7. I'm not sure if this is a known bug, but I cannot get VST3 effects to work in Pro X4 Suite. VST2 is fine and VST3 instruments are fine, but VST3 effects are simply bypassed by the audio. The plugin appears, but no receives no signal, it's almost as if the audio on that channel simply ignores it and routes straight through to the output. Samplitude has officially had VST3 support since Pro X2 but I have never got this to work with Pro X2, 3 or 4. It never really bothered me before as all VST3 plugins I've owned up to now have had a VST2 version, however it's now an issue for me because I've just purchased Reason Intro 11, which is VST3 only (didn't know that before I bought it!) Again, the instruments are fine but the effects are simply ignored. Is there a setting or a workaround I'm missing or is this simply a long-standing unresolved problem? It is literally the only frustration I have with Samplitude, other than this, I love it to bits! Thanks for any help
  8. I did the same as above, ran as administrator etc but didn't need to delete the downloaded installation file. I guess the new download overwrote it. In my case Independence did not appear at all in the new plug-in browser, even though it had correctly installed where it should, but the above process resolved it. The object synthesizers however remain resolutely absent after several attempts of the above...
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