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  1. @Marius Strand I think I figured it out - ProX 3 has scanned VST libraries of the unactivated products on my system and it showing them as VST along with my 3rd party plugins. This is from where I have been selecting the plugins that have expired. If I select them from the upper part of the FX menu I access the licensed versions.

    I'll have to figure out some way of getting these off my system or at least try not to show them on Samplitude prox3!

  2. Hi All,

    I'm Alex in the UK. I'm just trying to get Samplitude up and running to see what it can do after I got the upgrade about two weeks ago. Now though all my plugin have expired their "trial versions" even though I have the full suite! Any advice on how to fix this would be very welcome!

    I'm mainly going to use Pro X3 suite for audio editing a mixcloud radio show I'm going to do in 2019. I used vegas a lot but getting into more audio than I have before I wanted a mixing desk as well as a full set of plugins and of course Spectral Layers 5! 

    I'd like to find some more video tutorials to teach myself what Samplitude can do as while Kraznet's channel is very informative I'd like to see a variety of what people do and how they do it.

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