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  1. Thank you very much for your time. That's what I said at the beginning. I find it very tedious and unnatural. I will have to think!
  2. See my video. You do not even need the shortcut, just the move creates that. samplitude.mp4
  3. Thank you Kraznet. To see well, it would be necessary to move over a longer existing clip.
  4. Why, if I move an object to another track with the shortcut (crt-alt-shift + up or down arrow), all that exists to its right disappears? What mysterious function? Sometimes Samplitude is discouraging for new users ... I see that with Ctrl V the move does not erase the previous object, but it blocks the movement shortcuts. It would take an option to remove this ... bizzare option of non-overlapping, and be able to simply move overlapping without loss and without Ctrl V. An idea?
  5. We all know that. It's not such a simple and basic thing, of course. It's more complicated. In addition, I am able to remember a password and all are refused return after disconnection. Maybe a list of IP at Magix. It's unbelievable that you can not answer me at Magix.
  6. Thank you. I can try, but what do I do with sessions of 50 sends? I think (like you) that it is better to place AUX at the end of the course, right. I do not take the chance to do otherwise!
  7. Hello, I have problems connecting to the forum. I sent 3 messages to Magix but I have no answer. Each time you return to the Forum, the system refuses my password. It's been 20 times that I reset it. In addition, it disconnects me after a few minutes of non-activity. What to do ? (Chrome or Firefox, same result.)
  8. No problem. I thank you for your support. I have Prox 4 too. As you change the order? Here it does not change.
  9. Thanks Rod, but that does not change the order. It changes the visibility. 2-3-1 does not become 1-2-3 according to our choice. But, as I said, I think Samplitude takes a long time to reset the natural order automatically.
  10. I understand. I can indeed place these returns at the end. Wise advice, thanks. On the other hand (strange behavior?): All the SENDS are self-relocating, automatically, without me doing anything, except perhaps to go in and out of the Sends option.
  11. Sorry, Thomas, that erases all the Sends. At least in my configuration ..
  12. Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, they do not follow this order. I do not know if it's visible on my pic, but if you look at the references of Pieces 2, 3 and 4, the 2 returns to the 14 first, then to the 7th.
  13. Despite the instructions in the manual (drag-and-drop or other) for the order of SENDS AUX, I can not change this order. I have the french manual Pro x 2. Has something changed? Or I forget a point?
  14. Thank you for your help, but it does not go as fast to do alt-click frequently (if you have to listen to say elements on 50 tracks).
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