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  1. Hi @TerryBritton drag and drop are very useful, thanks. @Happy Mike i agree with how unstable is Independence, i have Samplitude Pro X3 too. I have a love-hate relationship with Independence. Cheers! Yetcop
  2. How to change sample with browser finder 1- Go to MAPPING. 2- Click in BROWSER. 3- Search the SAMPLE. 4- Click on EXECUTE. Done! I hope it is useful. Cheers! Yetcop
  3. Hi guys, after two days i got it. A custom drums for independence. You can combine samples from different drums kits from Independence library. The key is edit the MIDI notes and assign it a different MIDI channel. For example: Kick ch 1, Snare Ch 2, etc. . Download VIP file Custom Drums for Independence: https://bit.ly/2YwCktb . Enjoy it. Yetcop
  4. How make a custom drums kit with samples from differents kits on Independence? I would like to combine, for example, the acoustic kit 01 kick, with an acoustic drum kit 06 cheat. Is there a way to do it in Independece? Cheers!
  5. Why I only see hit hat in content when i selected for example acoustic drum kit 07? Regards!
  6. INDEPENDENCE CRASH A LOT in Win 7, Samplitude Pro X3 version (DC2). After independence freezes, I can't remove it from the track. The only way is to erase the track. What could be the problem? Regards!
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