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  1. That was it!!! Just re-installed regular Pro X and it registered no problem!!! Does this mean I can't use the pro x suite on the disc then? Anyways, thank you all so much for the help! Now I can work again
  2. Ah this brings me clarity, thank you for writing support! I really appreciate all the help from everyone in this thread.
  3. Enter my email where? i have been looking inside the Samplitude Pro X software for a place to login or enter that info, but it does not seem to have anything. Thanks for the help btw!
  4. I did that the first day, it says the serial number is good! it's just my software that wont recognize it now, I believe.
  5. I think it is very possible and I worry that this is true. Could I contact Magix via phone and get a new serial number possibly?
  6. I have entered the serial number that came on the CD case over 20 times now, and the red cross does not change to a green. Not sure what to do now..
  7. I just tried it, still no way to get it to read the key I type in sadly..
  8. Just got an un-opened box of Samplitude Pro x Suite and just got it installed too! Now I'm trying to enter in the serial number but the program won't let me proceed. It seems stuck on the window to enter in the serial number, there is no "go" or "activate" button and pressing enter closes the program. Please help!
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