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  1. Your studio look amazing and apart of the many details and big things many would value and commend, for me the fact that you were personally doing the work, from big tasks to the minute and careful cabling, painting, etc. details is the standout feature. I can relate to that aim and have yours as a positive example in this direction.

    One could guess that conversely you have been doing the same while choosing your gear and your software, so it even translates in the selection of techniques you apply at your engineering! This alone shines much higher than any plastic (or wooden) key in hand studio delivered by a reputed firm.

    I would underline this aspect in your publications so those interested have a chance to relate with it.
    It seems its time of completion for you. Have small or big great times!

  2. https://youtu.be/umBCTa0IAo4 His interview was streamed some hours ago, he talks about his time at Motown, Marvin Gayle and all those relevant times. Amazing! And an honor to have him as a forum user.
  3. Well, Yes. One of the features that attracted me to Samplitude/Sequoia is their long trajectory, and so that similarly to Ableton Live, each version is supported for several years. Meaning the company is committed to them for the long term, more so being their flagship product. As we all know, when a new version is released, all previous ones are instantly transformed into unsupported legacy software. Something that wouldn´t matter really if most important bugs were solved by the time a new/feature updated version will be announced (thus when pre-sale offers are launched). After all, we are in Windows environment where drivers compatibility have remained relatively stable since W10. So, Mr tdor, with due respect; sure there exist new features desire and needs out there. However they have to be tempered with stability, promised features and functionality completion. That is why these products have known cycles. If this known upgrade time lapse becomes shorted, there is a loss for those that invested with that in mind. It would be expected that this cycle is also known at this newcomer forum.
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