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  1. On 7/10/2019 at 8:10 AM, resolectric said:

    No, Magix is a serious company with lots of history. They won't release a new version every year.
    Still, regarding version stability, X3 is you best bet for the moment but mainly because some of the bugs in X4 are a "no-go" for multitrack recording.
    If you're composing in "one pass" or Mixing, X4 is the way to go.
    If you buy X3 and then compare with the new features in X4, you'll want X4 too.

    Maybe wait for the version update in X4 and see if the major bugs are solved. It's now on and that is the "faulty" version, sync wise.

    No need to thank, it's always nice to engage in pleasant conversation on the web.
    Reminds me of "Ham" radio! ^_^

    Well, Yes.
    One of the features that attracted me to Samplitude/Sequoia is their long trajectory, and so that similarly to Ableton Live, each version is supported for several years.
    Meaning the company is committed to them for the long term, more so being their flagship product.

    As we all know, when a new version is released, all previous ones are instantly transformed into unsupported legacy software.  Something that wouldn´t matter really if most important bugs were solved by the time a new/feature updated version will be announced (thus when pre-sale offers are launched). After all, we are in Windows environment where drivers compatibility have remained relatively stable since W10.

    So, Mr tdor,  with due respect; sure there exist new features desire and needs out there. However they have  to be tempered with stability, promised features and functionality completion.
    That is why these products have known cycles. If this known upgrade time lapse becomes shorted, there is a loss for those that invested with that in mind.
    It would be expected that this cycle is also known at this newcomer forum.


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