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  1. I am considering using Cranborne 500R8 as an audio interface to Samplitude ProX6. I  have a very good LaChapel 583E pre that I have to carry around in a Tonelux box anyway,  so why not carry it in a 500R8? Besides, the Cranborne Camden and ADAT are rated very well also. I heard that you have had experience combining Samplitude and Cranborne. Does it work?

  2. FAT32 is probably your problem. Use a NTFS drive and it should work. For Mac access install HFS for Windows. Works fine here. https://www.paragon-software.com/de/home/hfs-windows/ regards Matt
  3. I asked if the library was copied into some folder from somewhere else or if it was installed with the independence Content Installer. I spoke to support on the phone about exactly this subject just a few days before I installed my new PC a couple of weeks back. SUPPORT made it clear that there is a big chance that the Library WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY IF NOT INSTALLED FROM INDE CONTENT INSTALLER. It may work in some cases, but it won´t work in others. Simple as that. Not my words. Support words. Matt
  4. How did you install the library in the first place? Did you install it with the library installer or did you copy it onto the PC? Matt
  5. Could you upload the VIP please? No audio, just the midi stuff in it. We cannot reproduce the issue. regards Matt
  6. Ich will Dir da nichts reinreden, aber die Schwachstelle wird der Ryzen sein. Für eine gute ASIO Performance (Low Latency usw....) brauchst Du eine gute Single Core performance. Ein 8 Kern Prozessor mit 4GHz gibt Dir mehr als ein 32 Kern Prozessor mit 2GHz pro Kern. Mein neuer Rechner wurde gerade fertig und die Leistung ist ausgezeichnet. Hier mal die Specs: ASUS Prime Z390-P Intel Core i9-9900KS Special Edition Keine Grafikkarte! be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU Cooler 650W ARLT Efficiency ATX Power Supply 80+% Midi Tower be quiet! Pure base 600 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 - 3000 (2x 16GB) M.2 2280 M.2 (PCIe 3.0) SSD (System) Samsung 860 EVO SSD (Samples) 2x Audio HD 1TB RME RayDat
  7. Well, then it would be interesting to see what happens if you open the VIP, which you created with ProX, in ProX3.
  8. Can you send/upload a VIP so I can see what is going on?
  9. I want to ask again: Where is the MIDI coming from? Is it on several tracks of Samplitude or is it coming from a physical MIDI Input from another source?
  10. So it´s just the playback. That´s no problem at all. Just switch off the monitor button on the tracks that are already recorded. Just have it on on the one where you play the keyboard.
  11. How exactly do you trigger the sounds? Are they recorded as MIDI data? Are they coming from an external Sequencer? Are you playing 32 MIDI channels "live" on one or more master keyboards?
  12. 1.) Independence Standalone can use up to 32 MIDI ports with 16 MIDI channels on each port. This feature is needed for situations like " several master keyboards playing several sounds" for example, large arrangements controlled from external DAWs or whatever out of the ordinary situation you may think of. Those situations do not include a host DAW for Independence. 2.) The VSTi plugin version of Independence does NOT NEED more than one port with 16 channels , nor does Kontakt or any other plugin for that matter. The reason for that is that the DAW (host) is capable of providing those different ports, if need be even MORE than the 32 port which Independence standalone can provide. 3.) If you do need more than 16 MIDI channels you need to load a second instance of Independence, which will give you another 16 MIDI channels. BUT the second instance of Independence will NOT give you MIDI channels 17-32. It will give you another set of MIDI channels 1-16. Those can be assigned from another MIDI port which the DAW will provide. Another port usually means another master keyboard (even though there are master keyboards on the market that actually can give you more ports, like Nektar for example), but this is just by the way. Now lets have a look at the first instance of Independence. You load your first sound, which will be Layer 1. By default this Layer would be assigned to MIDI channel 1, but this can be changed if needed. Now you add an second Layer 2. By default this Layer would be assigned to MIDI channel 2, but this also can be changed if needed. Keep adding Layers as needed, in your case up to 16. Make sure each Layer has it´s own MIDI channel. Once you have 16 Layers on different MIDI channels your instance of Independence would be - let´s say - "full", at least for your needs at the moment. Now you load another instance of Independence. You load your first sound, which will be Layer 1. By default this Layer would be assigned to.....(all the same as in the first instance) Lets say you want to play the first Layer of the second instance of Independence, which is MIDI channel 1: If you have the same MIDI port (master keyboard) assigned to both instances of Independence and play on MIDI channel 1, then you will probably hear the first Layer of the first insance of Independence as well as the first Layer of the second instance of Independence. To avoid that you simply have to TURN OFF the Monitor Button on the corresponding Samplitude track of the first instance, as this is NOT to listen to the already recorded stuff, but to the momentarily played stuff. To be save and not get confused you can also turn off ALL Monitor buttons of the first instance of Independence in Samplitude. I think basically you´re on the right track and all is actually working the way you want. It´s just getting your head around the difference between the direct approach of MIDI port and channel assignement in the standalone version and the assignement via Sammplitude for the VSTi version. regards Matt PS!!!: There is NO NEED TO INSTALL a second instance of Independence. Once a plugin is installed you can load as many instances as your computer can handle. The only thing that´s important to know is that you have to load it on ANOTHER TRACK. You CANNOT LOAD multiple VST-instruments on the same track. So your Samplitude tracks 1-16 would be instance 1, Samplitude tracks 17-32 would be instance 2, and so on...
  13. The pdf manual has been installed with the program
  14. Only access for the beta testers, it´s not official.
  15. I have linked this thread in the beta forum. Maybe that´s a better way to get someone in contact with you. I´m no specialist in that subject. regards Matt
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