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  1. By that I mean I'd rather use 3 instances with 4 patches each than 1 instance with 12 patches. Especially if you use Effects, etc. in the Sampler Workstation, you can end up with it being bottlenecked trying to run everything on one core. If you split these up, the DAW can run different instances of the plugin on different processor cores, avoiding these types of bottlenecks. Generally, you want to balance load across the processor cores. This is hard to do when you're running tons of patches in those independence instances. Plus, it makes template building worse, because you cannot disable/freeze instances in a modular fashion as well as when you split these things up.
  2. Split things up so you aren't running 10-16 slots on one core of your PC. That can cause issues with processing headroom as each instance is likely to be locked to one processor core. Trying to use multi-core processing in plugins typically isn't recommended. It's recommended to let the DAW handle this itself. Upgrade to 32GB RAM so you don't have to worry about the RAM taken up by extra instances of the sampler instruments, if possible.
  3. It doesn't. Just SoundFont and some AKAI formats. Actually, the Independence Free page has a lot of info that should be on the Independence Pro page, as well. MAGIX should address this... The free software sampler – Independence free (magix.com) SoundFont compatibility can be useful, though.
  4. Can it load (or save) EXS24 Patches? I don't have it installed on my machine with Samplitude X4 Suite, and the nature of the content downloader makes it impossible to check quickly (it will download everything I've already installed with it along with anything new I check).
  5. Look up any Samplitude Pro Tutorials. They apply 100% to Sequoia, in almost all cases.
  6. This setting would be in the instrument you load, not in Samplitude.
  7. There is a 32-Bit install option for Pro 12, but honestly most are probably better off getting Ozone 8 Standard for $49 off Plugin Boutique at this point. That will work in everything (VST2 and VST3). The old bundled plugins are... really showing their age. And, you may have to install the 32-Bit version of Sound Forge to use them. Sound Forge bundled with Samplitude doesn't include the license for them, either (even though the download will offer them). I think MixCraft includes the old iZotope Mastering Essential plugin, but I'm not sure if that will work in Sound Forge or any other DAW/Audio Editor (assuming you own that, cause Ozone 8 is cheaper to buy). I think Ozone 7/8 Elements is better than the old iZotope plugin. It basically replaced those SKUs of the product.
  8. He wants it to stop at the end of the project (i.e. after the rightmost object on any track in the arranger). Stop at position is of no use for that...
  9. Many monitors are FreeSync but only the more expensive monitors are G-Sync compatible. And that's off by default even if it is. Understand your intent. No offense taken, and apologies if it seemed that way. It's just a frustrating issue to deal with.
  10. Sound Forge has an option to delete the temporary files automatically. Maybe an option like that for these in Samplitude wouldn't be bad. A lot of people complain about VEGAS not deleting the SFK files it creates, as well, though those are created next to source files... so they're kind of worse than Samplitude's... I wouldn't be against the idea of bundling all of these files into a VIP project bundle... though that may increase the chance of corruption, I'd fear.
  11. I've never experienced this in Office apps. But don't have a HFR display, so it was never a possibility. They've had more than enough time to fix these issues. Everyone else has avoided it so I'm not going to make excuses for them. The issue is not my GPU. Music maker has the same sluggishness issue, and only when it has to draw waveforms. This was a known issue. Pro X4 supposedly had fixes for it, but they dont work. Not even sure why were still talking about GPUs and drivers. I have 5 PCs here. It's not an isolated incident, and is 100% reproducible - on demand. I just have to load a project and scroll up and down. Even the stock demo projects in both of those applications. The problem is the UI code - most likely the code to load and/or draw the waveforms. Of course I don't expect a fix until I have to pay for an upgrade to get it... For the moment I'm investigating just using something else to record and then ReWiring the audio in (then editing/mixing far fewer tracks/objects), since actual projects with lots of audio and midi tracks are literally unusable due to the performance degradation (it's not the ARA bug, since I don't use Melodyne ever). I still have some hope for a fix.
  12. Sorry, didn't know the following quote from you was not referring to look and feel... In any case, I was just remarking on this and giving my own opinion on it... No, and I've already tested on Intel and AMD systems, so it's not my GPU or my GPU drivers. It's the software. And even if it were an issue with Nvidia, it's been known more than long enough to have received a remedy, by now. It's insulting to even have to consider that, considering it was a "known issue" for a while, using the latest release/patch of the software. Nvidia is a pretty solid market leader in the PC dGPU market. Macs ship with Radeon only, these days... but almost no one is paying for Windows to Boot Camp and run Samplitude on a Mac.
  13. It's not an Nvidia driver issue. I've already tested on machines with Intel and AMD iGPUs which are weaker than my desktop. The problem isn't even exclusive to Samplitude. It also affects Music Maker, for example. The driver and vendor of the GPU is completely ruled out, at this point... unless they're all to blame? I wasn't talking about look and feel. I was talking about performance. Looks are subjective, and aren't worth debating. I worked with support about some of these problems. There was no resolution, and it certainly wasn't the fault of "my machines" or "the vendor of my GPUs." It's MAGIX's problem, not Nvidia's, Intel's, or AMD's. Also, Samplitude Pro X4 Suite has been on sale for $149 for the past 4-5 months.
  14. The only applications that have this issue on my machine are Samplitude (every Music Studio and Pro X4) and the MAGIX Music Maker. So it has something to do with the UI code or framework. They did bug fixes in Samplitude Pro X4 to optimize the loading and display of the waveforms in the arranger... so this is probably related to that issue (the reasons they would perform these optimizations), as it only happens when I have a VIP loaded (i.e. with waveforms on display). With a clean arranger, the UI is snappier, because it doesn't have much to draw. This behavior is completely reproduceable on my Laptop, which has Intel Graphics, as well as another Laptop I own with an AMD iGPU... so it's not an Nvidia graphics issue. It's an issue with MAGIX's software. It's not a driver issue, it has something to do with how the UI is drawn in the application.
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