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  1. Like pulling teeth trying to get an answer to this . . . . . I currently run Samp Pro X 365 Ver 5. No auto upgrade in program to Ver 6 to date. So wondering if despite perpetual Samp subscription, you have to pony up even more money to get each major upgrade (and then I'd imagine pay a higher sub fee each month from that point on until the next)? If so, makes one reconsider this subscription model. Thanks
  2. Well, along a bit with it and I've found that I can simply open the program on either device (workstation of mobile laptop) and work with it. I don't know if some background internet authoriation is going on, but seamless use with no indication or prompt for me to 'authorize' at each use.
  3. Hmmmm . . . . reading that warning when deactivating my original workstation install/laptop activation and reading this on some magix page . . . "You can change this device once a month through the Magix Service Center. . . . . . . . this program requires an internet connection at least once a month to validate the license." Perhaps I'm reading this wrong? Perhaps there isn't a limitation on number of times or occurrence of deactivate/activate but rather that each device must simply be 'active' at least once a month for that confirmation? If so, more reasonable and will pursue this trial. I'm still going to deactivate (and hell, 'reactivate') the laptop to see about any limitation. But if no limitation, I can live to some degree with this activation dictate as I'm not using any of these devices where at least sometime during 30 days that aren't available to connect to the internet. Al
  4. thanks for the response I wasn't aware of the activation limit . . . still can't find that in any 'feature' listing for the software . . . That said, an annoyance and if lack of internet could cause issues with use, more of an issue to me. But I could kind of live with that 'if' there wasn't this ridiculous 'one deactivation/reactivation' within each 30 days (that is a popup that greeted me upon installing it on my laptop . . another 'feature' that I still can't find a mention of anywhere . . . ). I'm going to go back to the laptop (note: had to use my AW1600 to record today as I wasn't comfortable 'deactivating' a piece of software I just installed onto my workstation a couple days back . . yes, AW1600 as i really haven't used software DAWs much at all and Samplitude was always suggested to me) and indeed, deactivate the workstation and activate the laptop. And then after that, I'm going to try and reverse that and if the system won't permit me because of a 30 day limitation, I'm done with this software before I've even started using it. Not meaning to come across as stubborn and critical; I couldn't believe the notifications of activation that came up upon installing it on my laptop. I'll let folks know if indeed this '30 day' limitation is real or not. Al
  5. I'm thinking I misunderstood something about this program. Recent purchase of a 3-month Samp 365 for a 'trial' on my side. Installed on main workstation for recording in home studio, but also (just this eve) went to install on my mobile laptop DAW for a recording session nearby tomorrow and notified that I have to 'deactivate' on my first device and that I'm only allowed to do that once a month. Am I hearing this right? I have to deactivate and reactivate the program if I have it on two computers but can only do this 'once' every 30 days? If so, I'm made the wrong purchase . . . . thanks Al
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