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  1. Hi Kraznet, Thank you for your swift response, I have tried auto update to see if any updates are required but i have the latest version by the looks of it, i also checked for any loop sections but there are none? I am at a loss to be honest.... i have started a support request with magix so i will see what they have to say, Thanks again for your invaluable support, your tutorials are a real blessing! Best Wishes Les.
  2. Hello, My name is Les Rothwell from the Uk, I have been using Samplitude for several years now but i have hit upon a problem with recording midi in Sam Pro X4 suite. I can't get any data to record into my session, i have checked Midi input/output and all is fine, my Arturia keyboard is inputting and metering, i have sound and record is enabled but there is still no midi being recorded when i play? i have wracked my brains but i am at a loss! Can anyone offer any advice for a possible solution? Many Thanks Les.
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