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  1. Hi Kraznet, thank you very much for the fast reply, that was the problem! You saved my day :-) After I found out that I can select all objects of the track by double-clicking in an empty space of the track I am perfectly happy. Thanks again and regards Jakob
  2. Hello everybody, my name is Jakob and this is my first post here. I used Samplitude a lot until 7 years ago and started to make music again some weeks ago after a loong break. I upgraded to Samplitude X4 and it works great but I can t find out one certain thing: How is it possible that the midi editor shows me the part that is currently played? I attached a picture with my problem: I select the first midi part of the kick drum (bar 9 to 11). When I start playback everything is fine but when I listen to bar 12 the midi editor still shows the first part (bar 9 to 11) which is not very helpful as bar 12 and higher are played now.I am pretty sure that I managed to automatically view the midi part of the playback position some years ago but I tried for some hours to figure out how it works without success.. :-( Thank you very much for your help Regards Jakob
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