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  1. Thanks so much, JayBob! So do I just find the deleted files (not just wavs) and put them in the already created Samp Project folder on my audio drive? That's what I tried and I just got a bunch of "can't load skip/skip all" type messages. Thanks again for all your help!
  2. No one's ever accidentally deleted anything?!
  3. Hey guys. Hoping someone can help. Somehow, I managed to delete some files in a project I was working on. I honestly have no idea how, but when I open the project, there are no audio files in the tracks. I have a recovery software but it's only finding a couple of the 8-10 wav files and when I restore them back into the project folder, it just gives me an "invalid format" type message. Is there some way to restore the project back or am I screwed? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks so much, Mathias. Much appreciated!
  5. Just noticed something that seems strange to me. Laying down a bass track last night and noticed on the bottom right of the screeen (that displays lost buffers etc), it shows that the track is recording in 16 bit. Can that be correct? The project was set up in 24, the soundcard (Audiofire 12) is set to 24. Am I missing something?
  6. So I went to lay down a bass drum and snare take. I like to "play" the parts to add more reality. When I go to add to the track (cymbals and fills), I get no response in EZD using the pads on the Padkontrol. Furthermore, after trying that, the pads didn't work at all. After closing Samplitude and restarting the project, the pads worked fine. This is also a recurring issue. I can be using midi controllers just fine and then, boom. The just stop working and only after closing out and restarting (having not changed any settings) will the controllers work again. Any ideas? I'm sure that layering midi performances is possible, I just think I may have miseed a setting somewhere. Thanks all.
  7. If I had a nickle for every time I clicked on that arrow, lol. It's really frustration. I've also accidentally started 2 instances on one track. It shows up like "2:B4" or similiar and you can't delete the 2nd instance. Has there been a resolution that anyone knows of?
  8. I'm gonna issue a blanket apology for all the upcoming stupid questions and going to stay faithfully in the newcomer forum for the foreseeable future. Sorry gang. So I've loaded a VSTi up in a track that I later decided against and can't for the life of me figure out how to have it go away. It's one that I no longer have registered and now whenever I load the project, there's a message saying that the vsti couldn't load. In this case, it's sampletank. It won't even let me delete the track.
  9. Thanks for responding, Matfle. When I first tried to reinstall it was after a complete uninstall (manual erase etc) and I tried as admin. Still the same issue. Thanks again for the response.
  10. Yes. Thanks so much for the quick response, Werner. I really appreciate it.
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