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  1. Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated in these days of virtual gunfights across the wide open plains of the Interwebs. (especially as it's been a very long day for me personally, so, extra appreciated) Yeah I agree, very frustrating. And it would drive me crazy too, that's for sure. To be honest I was very on the fence about upgrading my X3 copy, but I saw some of the history and the two original guys behind it, and thought, those are two people that I would trust in real life, and don't mind supporting. Hopefully they are still involved and influencing the development (and bug fix) workflow. (unrelated point, but I checked this out too before getting WaveLab on the sale they had - the original French developer is still very actively involved - if he had not been, not sure I would have gone for it) (btw, I think G-Sync defaults to on in monitors that have it - people are paying extra for that NVidia license to use the G-Sync "chip" (which if I understand correctly is just a dongle built into every monitor with it) - so I am pretty sure manufacturers wouldn't want people think it's NOT working for some reason just because it defaults to off... hehe!)
  2. I am only mentioning it because if it feels like slow frame rate, it's usually the G-Sync/V-Sync/FreeSync kicking in. You COULD have a gaming monitor that is 60 Hz (i.e., not high refresh), but STILL is FreeSync enabled, for example, which means the app might drop it to 15 or 30 frames per second refresh rate/Hz. Obviously you know your equipment best. I am only mentioning it because it is a common issue but one I was blissfully unaware of until starting Live 10 for the first time on my very new/expensive/top-of-the-line hardware. A disappointment to say the least, but when I saw it was not just Live, and not my hardware's fault either, I accepted that it was just the way computing goes, especially in PC world. Unforeseen combinations occur. (such as Live 10 using the OpenGL driver - which is a good thing for performance, but yeah, opens up corner cases) Anyway you probably don't have a variable/adaptive refresh rate monitor, but I was ONLY TRYING TO HELP just in case you did, because it took me a while to figure out, and it's not something one would expect, especially having top-of-the-line hardware. Anyway I too hope that whatever is causing it, will be fixed. I hope Samplitude doesn't follow the development path of Acid Pro, that's for sure. I keep meaning to research on how to sync two computers together also to use more inputs from another interface. Maybe there's no reliable way though for sending 32 channels over the network.
  3. Well, to be fair. They are not game developers, so they wouldn't have a fix built in. Live 10 has the same issue with gaming cards on high refresh rate displays. So does Microsoft Word/Excel (mouse will take a LOOOOONG time to move across the page while you are moused over the app in those apps! and my trick does NOT work for them, which is pretty crazy considering it's Microsoft's own software). But if you have a regular GPU and not nVidia/AMD, and especially not a G-Sync/FreeSync monitor, then that problem I have wouldn't apply. It only applies with discrete GPUs attempting to control frame rate manually in the app, thinking that it might be a game, as the app will use the direct nVidia/AMD driver in many cases (including MS Word, Excel, etc.).
  4. If you have nVidia - do you have, by any chance, a G-Sync compatible monitor? Or even if not - try creating a custom application/game profile in the nVidia control center, and be sure to set it to NOT use variable frame rate/g-sync/v-sync, etc. Set it to FIXED refresh rate only (at 60 or 120Hz or whatever your monitor's normal optimal refresh rate is). I had this same issue with Live 10 where the interface was slow as molasses. Adding it to nVidia control center as mentioned fixed it right up. Basically because it loaded the nVidia game driver, it was treating it like a game, and the refresh rate was dropping to 30Hz or less. Microsoft office also has this issue, I have found, along with PreSonus control center.
  5. I get a chuckle every time I see a notification that my simple thread asking about a sale is generating so much discussion. I know we were told to not discuss anymore so I held back. I do agree with the one statement though - long lifecycle/trajectory. I've come to appreciate this evermore recently both in hardware/software. I stay away from hardware companies that release new stuff every cycle just to say they have something new (ahem, Universal Audio Apollo, cough). Lynx and RME on the other hand - fabulous. once it works, you know it's going to work for a LONG time. Same with software - Live 9 lasted a very long time. I didn't want to go to 10, but now that I use it, I am happy to be in it, and I expect another long lifecycle. Even with hardware - I was considering, for example, Jomox AlphaBase and the Kordbot controller recently - but I realized, in both cases, probably lots of firmware updates are coming over next year or two, and I just don't want to deal with that on hardware. If it's so complicated that it needs firmware updates as regularly as a software product might get updates, it's almost useless to me. (I do have the Tempest and honestly I am glad they put out a "final" version of the firmware... no more worrying/checking is there any "new" stuff, fixes, etc.) Well I guess that was a random outburst, I apologize, and thanks for listening! I guess my point is, I like that Samplitude has done a lot right for so long. It is good to hear they are even giving X3 an update soon. Although I know many are unhappy they drop work on old versions. (I think that is more the Magix side, same thing with Acid Pro, which I am not happy about... new major version, for what... no purpose... still same bugs as in 8... but I never use it anyway, so I don't care too much, it was more of a nostalgia impulse buy, plus some of the loops are unique and useful.)
  6. Ah yes - Digix Performitude, Stubase Livewig edition, please! (I also used to use Cakewalk when it was Twelve Tone back then... along with SAW Studio...)
  7. I think software hopping is still useful for certain roles though. I recently did another hop around to Live 10 and it's re-invigorated me for composition! Then in Studio One, being able to click-drag on the sections in the arranger track and just duplicate/re-arrange with no fear of messing up automation and other time linear stuff, still seems unique to me. (and chord track - both of those seem easier to use than in Cubase) I haven't spent time yet in Samplitude, but I know the object effects can be very useful creatively. Maybe sometimes I throw a delay on a whole track and am too lazy to automate it - this way of working would reinforce being selective with such effects over the timeline. I do agree overall though, it is more efficient to just work with one thing if possible. I think it's harder these days since any exposure to the Internet makes it all too easy to see what you might be "missing" from other software packages! Unlike the old days when you spent $500+ for a paper box and of course would believe in what you bought.
  8. Yes, indeed! Sometimes these various forums keep me sane to a degree! For Samplitude, they don't do it every year - but for products like Sound Forge and Vegas (and now Acid), they do, or it sure seems like they do... Vegas was a new version last fall, and now already they are making a sale for upcoming new version 17. It's like when companies like Corel have the year number as part of the name - "Painter 2016/2017/2018/etc". I guess it's good Samplitude has not been put on this forced schedule yet (although it appears the major updates are still forced even if not every year, from the bugs you mentioned!) Your feedback is very useful though, because actually, yes, I will be only doing one track at a time, or mixing. So the big bad bug is only for multi-track recording? That's good to know! Makes me happier I decided to upgrade now after all. For some reason I am really looking forward to doing some creative editing and mixing with the object-based effects. Even though Cubase has similar with Direct Offline Process (non-destructive, although it's not realtime, has to render the effects first), it does seem very nice and smooth. The other thing which for some reason really grabbed me was that drawing automation directly on the tracks, not even in the lanes, just felt very smooth... like something I would like to do more often. Whereas drawing in other DAWs usually yields too many data points, etc. Funny thing is I decided to try the demo of DP10 to see how it looked, as I haven't touched it since DP 5 or 6 (I was on Mac then, PC now)... it's still the same... grandiose in features, but very hard to look at! ESPECIALLY on PC - kudos to them for porting it and all, but it feels like a ported application... Dragging dividers to resize areas, the content area flickers horribly, interface text is so small to read. (yeah you can resize, but everything gets bigger or smaller, so to get the text legible, your other areas are similar as if you are at 800x600 resolution!) I know it has some very powerful features like pre-rendering/freezing tracks all the time in the background, and can manage multiple-hour projects which is why film people like it, but eck - Cubase, and ESPECIALLY Samplitude, just feel like you're on the bare metal of the computer, as it were, instead of fly-by-wire/remote!
  9. It is disappointing to hear that X4 has a latency compensation issue! I just upgraded to X4 actually... I don't think it's a real sale, but I see my confusion - last time, I don't think it showed the red text "until July 14th", but this time it did (and it did the first time I looked at the upgrade) - but the price is still $149. (instead of $599? surely an UPGRADE never costs $599, literally the same price as a new license?! ) After some research, I realized that X3 was current for more than a year when it was the latest, so maybe/hopefully Samplitude is not on the same ridiculous "NEW version every year no matter what" schedule that most other Magix products are on. (including Acid Pro 8, now 9 - shame on me for not seeing THAT one coming... only bought it for fun, was sure it would be a few years before they dared to charge another major version, but nope, not even one year after... and no grace period even though I bought it just 3 months before version 9) So I am right with you, I surely hope there is no X5 on the horizon. Ah well. I guess now I can still download X3 if I wanted... but I guess I'll put up with bugs of X4 as I try using it for some real projects. Thanks again for your feedback and camaraderie in these "trying" times.
  10. Interesting feedback, thanks! By the way I think you misinterpreted my wisecrack... I know major versions are paid (and for most Magix stuff, costs almost the same as a new version, hehe), my point was, the major versions are really what one would expect for the pricing of the major version upgrades, to be small stepping stone minor upgrades... like Live 10.1 just came out - Magix would release that as Live 11.0 and charge $299 isntead of it being a free point upgrade! Well, I guess I will have to get the X3 installer sometime and try that. Shame they can't make it good enough that it should be obvious I would want to upgrade right away to X4! Thanks for your other insights. (not needing Birdline to keep me from going blind, etc. )
  11. H, well, judging from Acid Pro 8 vs 9, that is par for the course, is it not? (major versions are like minor point releases on other software) I guess I was imagining that I saw a sale then? Do you think it's better to just play with X3 until X5 comes out? X4 really didn't change much, right? Only thing is, when I demo'ed X4, the GUI looked ok. Doesn't one need to buy Birdline for X3 to make it looks good? Seller didn't mention Birdline pack so I am not sure what happened, even though it was always included in X3 suite, wasn't it...
  12. Hi! I just got into Pro X3 Suite via a re-sale. I was so sure I saw the upgrade to X4 Suite was on sale for $119 or something like that until July 12th or 18th? But now it says $149. Am I imagining there was a lower price just a couple of days ago? Also, X4 came out last fall, right - so I am guessing, X5 will be out in 4 months or so? So maybe it's better to wait for that to upgrade (or at least the pre-release sale on X4 upgrade, including X5, like Magix usually likes to do?). Hopefully I can still use X3 in the meantime, unless the installers are no longer available.
  13. Unless you're doing crazy track count recording at high sample rates, regular SSD (SATA connection) is plenty, i think. But overall, it's always good to put your OS and apps and temp files on the fastest SSD. If you're really sensitive to drive speed (high track count), use your fast drive for active projects, then put them over to your slower SSD or even discs for long term storage.
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