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  1. VV is only usable in Samp classic you have to buy the VST version to use it outside Samp.. I think you have to have version 7 ot 8 to post in Samp forum
  2. Thanks Kraznet Great job!! I have a question to the take composer video.. How do you record the bass takes?? There's 4 takes basz01, bass02.... bass04 do you record the 4 takes without stopping?? I tried to set up sam like you did in the video with 4 bars and record some software synth but when the play cursor come the the end of the range it just returns to the start of the range and records on top of the previous recorded take??? Can you explain it step by step ??? Thanks Bryan
  3. I'm thinking about getting the Konnekt 24 but I cannot find any information concerning isues with Samp Anyone here know of any problem with Konnekt 24 and Samp V9??
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