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  1. Glad to see you able to return to your extremely valuable tutorials. Without them I would have switched DAWs and that would have been a huge mistake.
  2. The corvex plugin does this. As well as can be done in Spectralayers PRO 7. Probably lot of other places I just haven't found yet.
  3. I am taking a course where the instructor is using Ableton Live and it has a way in its oscillators/synths to change the wave format (sine/square/saw) with a single click. Is there a way to do this in Samplitude?
  4. Don't think so. Concert Pitch is the way way the notes are in score. Some instruments (most actually) have a limited range of notes compared to an 88 Key piano. There is concert and normal scoring to account for this so that musicians can don't have to convert music in their heads as they play. Samplitude in the midi score area would need to recognize the instrument and then convert concert pitch to the pitch for instrument chosen. The issue occurs with what is called a transposing instrument, a B Flat Clarinet seeing a C on a standard notation would actually be playing a B flat. Musicians used to have to do the transposing in their heads as the played now days scoring programs do it separately on different lines of for each instrument. It would have to be done in the score part of Samplitude with the program interpreting the score for each instrument.
  5. When you import MIDI is there a way to specify concert pitch when you select a vst instrument?
  6. Did the reinstall, works in PRO4 but not PRO five. Maybe the Independence that ships with the non-suite version just won't recognize the files.
  7. I did a total install of PRO 5. Will do a reinstall and see if that helps. Don't know why I got the older version, perhaps it sensed the version installed with PRO 4 suite and didn't change it. Thanks you for the response.
  8. I upgraded to Samp PRo 5 and then removed PRO 4 suite off my computer. I have the full 70 Gig library and have tried to link it to Independence. Do I have to move the library somewhere else? Everything worked in PRO 4 suite. The images show that I have the library referenced but this is the mesage I get. Do I have to reinstall 4 or will the full library work with Independence? If I need to move the library where would I move it to?
  9. I used the installer. As it turned out the image file was corrupt in the french horn section. Downloaded the provided image file and everything working now.
  10. I've downloaded the Kraznet files (twice) and the French Horns KHSO are the only instruments that don't function. Any Ideas?
  11. Just to add, This works very well in Samplitude (using Garritan and Samp 64 bit). Even with my modest system you can build complex orchestras (I just tested it with 50 instruments, played well).
  12. Here is the email for Garritan support email maybe they can help you.
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