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  1. Hello, you can download Samplitude Pro X here: https://dl03.magix.com/samplitudeprox_int_dlm.exe
  2. Hi @studioasone, thank you for reporting this. We could reproduce this issue and forwarded it to the developers (DEVAP-969 for further reference) Best Regards
  3. Hi Peter, ist zwar auf Englisch aber vielleicht findest du hier ein paar Vandal-User und Interessenten für die Presets
  4. Yes, there are problems with VST3 plugins from time to time, unfortunately we can not check all of them. Usually using the VST2 version helps as a workaround. Can someone please make a short video on this particular problem? Thanks & Best Regards
  5. Haha, you are right @georgob! Better late than never
  6. Hello everybody, DDP export is part of the Samplitude Suite since version X3, so it is not Sequoia only: Version Comparison ->Mastering Here is an article about the DDP file format: DDP Explained The DDP export is available via the CD/DVD Menu -> Make CD -> DDP export. Best Regards
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