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  1. Thank you Kraznet for this very useful tutorial. However, by observing with you the functions of markers, it is clear that Magix has work to do in this regard. The functions are excellent in themselves, but the marker rules and the markers themselves are visually deficient. 1) They are too small. 2) They do not color. 3) They are similar despite their differences in function (for some types, because for tempo markers it is excellent) 3) They do not place themselves in floors (one above the other) in the more distant views 4) The marker manager is incomplete (all functions and options should be available as an icon on the header
  2. Studio One has a great sequencer, better than Cubase. But you have to find it! It is at the level of the object (because S1 is also turned towards the object, yes, although less strong than S / S). I also can't find an interesting arpeggiator for s / s.
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