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  1. Hey there, I installed Sound Forge Pro 14 and just realized I can now right click onto audio files in windows explorer and select "convert to mp3/wma/flac..." but it only will use the built-in preset for that. In my case I tried wav -> mp3 and it converts it to 256kbps whereas I need 320kbps files. Is it possible to edit the preset? Would be a very decent feature! @proaudiosupport
  2. Normally, if you insert a track and sync the click/metronome manually the program asks you weather you wanna adjust the loop to the new tempo or not. In your case you wanna dismiss it and then align the loop/object to the grid (#). Is that what you asked for?
  3. Well I finally got it fixed but it's very strange. I unistalled the v11 Plug-Ins, installed v10 Plug-Ins (except Berzerk distortion, Because it's not available as v10). Then I manually moved the VST3 files to a subfolder called "Waves" inside the Common Files/VST3 -folder. Then I rescanned and suddenly it found all VST3 versions again. Then I installed the v11 Plug-Ins again and now they can also be found in Samplitude. So right now I have v10 and v11 Plug-Ins installed simultaneously. So it seems that moving the *.vst3 - files within the VST3 folder and then rescan fixes the problem...
  4. Just looked up the supported hosts for v11 plugins by waves. Samplitude Pro X4 is supported, but I'm using Pro X3. May this be the issue? I check if I can downgrad my Waves Plugins...
  5. Hey there, Since I updated my Waves Central all the waves VST3 plug-ins are missing and fail to load in my projects (since they don't exist anymore) . I looked up all the licences to be the current version (v11), ran the "version organizer" and the "repair"-tool in waves central, made sure all paths are correct and rescanned for plug-ins several times (also for failed ones). EDIT: And I certainly rebooted a few times. No help. Do you think a clean install of WC will solve the issue? And do I have to fear the loss of plug-in settings in my projects? Cheers, Roman EDIT 2: wrong forum, please move the thread to "software related" thanks.
  6. Bei mir klappt es übrigens auch nur, wenn ich das Objekt anklicke bevor ich den Take-Manager aufrufe! Im Takemanager selbst gibt es sonst auch noch Optionen, vielleicht dort mal nachschauen:
  7. Moin schwsch, Probier mal in der Transportkonsole den Aufnahmemodus auf "normal" (statt Overdub oder Replace) zu stellen. Ich hab es eben in Pro X3 ausprobiert und es hat funktioniert, mir hat er im Take-Manager diverse Takes angezeigt zwischen denen ich wählen konnte. EDIT: Es kann sein, dass der Modus nur für Midi-Aufnahmen gilt, dann ist der Fehler woanders zu suchen, sorry!
  8. Very useful, as always! Thanks for all the good content concerning Samplitude over the years!
  9. Hey byxx. Same issue here. Did you find a solution?
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