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  1. Coming from cubase, I had the opportunity to explore Seqouia. What is the key shortcut to equivalent of "Moving" an Object please?? In relation to the above question, there are many shortcuts for moving an object that I am using now, but while using the key shortcuts to move an object, the object doesn't seem to follow the snap value set for the project. But using my mouse the objects follow according to the snap value set. Confused! am I using the wrong keyboard shortcuts for moving?????
  2. Hello Kraznet,

    I have something holding me from using samplitude. Coming from cubase pro 10 here. 

    My problem is UNDO. When I do multiple undo's in  the midi editor,  the undo step includes mixer settings too. I never had such an experience when using multiple undo's in cubase. I believe that the mixer settings ( vol, pan, eq, insert) actions should not be included in the undo steps. please help me on this. 

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