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  1. Hi, I know how to export two mono files to one stereo. I want this with short parts of two long stereofiles (a concert recording of about 2 hours). Exporting to Wave, mp3, etc. gives the possibility to export just a range of these files. But, I cannot find the range option when exporting Mono >> Stereo. Thanks for your kind help. Koen
  2. Hi, during a recording session, I made some notes about the performance in the Comment Section of the Object Editor. (Each new take is a new Object in my workflow).. I was wondering if there is a way to have a printed list of these comments. Thanks for any help.
  3. Sorry fwrend for this late reply. I made a new template and now it worked perfectly; Strange. Thanks for yoru help. Sarbandf
  4. Hi, I have made a new template (8 mono in) with each track armed for recording and saved it. When opening a new VIP starting from this template, all seems all right, tracks are armed, red lights on on each track... but no signal enters. Only when I unarm and arm again, I have signals coming in. Is this normal, is there a way around? Thanks for your help. In Samplitude Pro Suite 5.
  5. Yes, it is there, allright. Thanks Kraznet. (love your Samplitude tutorials!)
  6. Hi, I cannot find the "Save as template" function anymore. It was in the File menu, right. See image attached. Thanks for your help. Koen Samplitude Pro X5 Suite
  7. Hi, I have just imported a CD track on my Samplitude Producer Pro X4. To my astonishment, the recorded in Samplitude had a distortion. I doublechecked with the same track played from the CD itself. No distortion at all. The copied track on Samplitude give -1.7db Left and -3.6 db right, the CD -4 and -5,9. Where could this difference in level come from. Anyone experienced this before? Thanks for any help.
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