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  1. i record a vocal track with my usb interface (tascam us 122 MKII) but it appears my track is stereo but mainly on the left. I tried the stereo processor effect to create a stereo sound on the right too, wich is ok when i listen on my laptop or on another device with stereo, but fe on my smartphone (without headphones) or on any mono bluetooth device, i can't here the voice. Looks like all the sound in the middle has dissapeared and is only available on the very left of very right channel. What can I do? Can i change a stereo track to mono track, so my vocals will be centered? Or is there another way? I cannot re-record, people who sang the tune were friends form abroad....
  2. I recently got a new laptop, and couldn't install Cubase (6.5) anymore... There are no more download files to be found. So, as Cubase is so expensive, i switched to Magix Samplitude. Is there any possibility I can open my old cubase projects in Samplitude, knowing i can't export my cubase projects anymore ?
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