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  1. Hi JayBob, thank you so much for being so helpful! And my apologies, I was overwhelmed with non-music-related other work, so I got to try the e-licence manager just now. I understand the e-licence manager is supposed to generate a product code for me, however the designated slot is empty, whatever I do - so no gain here either. I guess it's time to quit on Independence and Magix in general. I honesty have never ever had worse experience (specifically the lack on any support whatsoever from Magix) with installing any software before. Over and out. Danek
  2. Hi JayBob, Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately there's no such file anywhere to be found on my system. "Yellow Tools" would suggest that I should have a hundred years old version from the times Independence was in fact owned by Yellow Tools, however I have a fresh install of everything - so I have everything Magix only. Is there a way you could drop the "E-License Manager.exe" (if you have it on your computer?) here and I'd try my luck with it or is this a stupid question? Thanks in advance Danek
  3. What I gather from the mentioned discussion over at the Magix forums, loading an instrument from the free content package should prompt a registration dialog, which just does not happen. Is there a way to force the registration dialog to open?
  4. Not sure if this is of any importance in this case.
  5. Hi! I just installed Independence and its free library, however it won't load the free content. When I want to load, say, "Mexican AC Bass" - I get a dialogue box saying "Could not find the file: YT Mex AcBass Long mic XA1 Y02 in image file: Independence Free Content 02". The dialogue actually lets me point directly to the content file, which I do, but then I get another message saying "Cannot load file(s)!" I have been re-installing both Independence and the free content several times in both default and admin mode, but nothing makes any difference. Exactly the same on my Win10 latpop. Obvioulsy I'm doing something wrong - but what? I've been trying to find the solution via Magix forum, but with no help so far. Please advise. This is driving me nuts. Thanks in advance. Danek P.S. My system specs: Nuendo 10.3.0 | Cubase Pro 10.0.60 | Win 10 Pro 64bit | Carillon Core 4 (Intel i9 14 Core 28 Thread @ 4.6GHz) | 64Gb RAM | UR824 C41B84C2C1E848B5B3B72E51F5FC14B7.mp4
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