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  1. It's alright. No need to apologise. I am really sorry, but I cannot comment any further on future developments. I do hope you understand. Oliver
  2. Yes, you have been in touch with me :-) Not exactly only sales and as official as it gets. Oliver
  3. You cannot change the language in the program. Installing the English patch will change the language back to English. To download the English patch, the language settings of the Samplitude download website have to be set to English (or vice versa to German if you want to download the German patch). You can also install the English patch into a new directory and then rename the file Sequoia.exe to Sequoia_E.exe and the help file Sequoia.chm to Sequoia_E.chm. Renaming them will give you the possibility to now copy both files to your existing Sequoia directory, without deleting the German files that you already have. Now you should be able to run Sequoia in German or English, depending on which Sequoia.exe you run. Oliver
  4. Hi Shaun, See the Range menu > Edit Range > Range over all selected objects There is no default shortcut for it, but of course you can create one yourself. Cheers, Oliver
  5. Man könnte den Workflow auch mit zwei gleichzeitig geöffneten VIPs realisieren. Dann spielt immer nur das gerade aktive VIP und Solo schalten wäre gar nicht notwendig. Mit Sequoia und S/D Schnitt geht das alles dann ganz komfortabel mit wenigen Shortcuts Oliver
  6. Hi, Misha, you can see the version number in the upper left corner of your main screen. If you don't see 10.1 please go to http://www.samplitude.com/eng/seq/service.html and login. After the login follow the link "Download". Click on "Samplitude 10 Professional" and you will see three patches. You only need to download and install the latest patch, which is 10.1. Bertil, thanks for the details. I can only asure you that we are following the forum and all reports very closely. But I hope you understand that it is not possible for us to answer all threads and questions here. And I hope that your worries will slowly vanish after getting more and more into the program. Sequoia is used as one of the main workstation in all of Germany's public broadcasting stations. I guess it should then be trustworthy as as a working tool. Best regards, Oliver
  7. Hi Misha, are you using version 10.1? And Bertil, I've seen that you are on 10.1. Is the disappearing still happening with this version? We know it was a problem with 10.0 but thought it to be fixed. In general I am a bit surprised that you find 10.1 worse than the previous versions, because it seems to be much better in many respects on most systems. I have read your thread in the Sequoia section. Is there anything else apart from what you mention there, that is worse for you in 10.1? Thanks, Oliver
  8. There is a freeware tool called EDL translate that can be used to convert AES31, Open TL and Samplitude/Sequoia EDLs. Here is the link: http://www.ap-sound.de/downloads.htm As for synchronization: Samplitude can be synchronized by MTC or by using the so called ASIO Positioning Protocoll (APP), if your sound card supports it, like some RME cards do (look for TCO - time code option). With APP the ASIO protocoll is being used to send / receive LTC to / from a snyc output / input. In Sequoia there is another option: SMPTE Audio Output / Input: When using ASIO any audio output or input can be defined to send or receive time code information. This way no special hardware is needed. Oliver
  9. Please also make sure to use the latest 10.1 Sequoia patch, which you can download from the support area of our website: http://www.samplitude.com/eng/seq/service.html Oliver
  10. Hi, Did you already see the tutorial videos: http://www.samplitude.com/eng/seq/tutorial_videos.html Especially the "Getting started" might help in your situation. Oliver
  11. First of all, DV should be fine. You are right that it is preferred over compressed formats like mpeg where the frame base is lost by compression. Second: To move the play cursor frame by frame with the arrow keys, set up the VIP timeline to SMPTE by right clicking the timeline. Choose the correct SMPTE format in the Synchronization setup (default shortcut shift+G). Activate "Snap" (right click the timeline again to see the option). Activate "Snap to Grid/Frames" (one more right click on the timeline). Your observation was right: the video in Samplitude is linked to the timeline. An external player (like the windows media player) is used for playback. Hope that helps. Oliver
  12. No idea what the problem might be, sorry. But if you mark a range from the beginning to the end of the project and bounce each track into a file you will get files with the exact identical length. This should make it easy to align them in any other workstation. You could also take a look at the freeware tool EDL Translate http://www.ap-sound.de/downloads.htm Oliver
  13. When you trackbounce or export files in the wave format, they will be BWF. Tools > Trackbouncing > Mulittrackbounce (each track to a file) is probably what you need. Apart from that there is also the export command in the File menu. Oliver
  14. Das ist eine Frage, die Du am besten dem Samplitude Vertrieb stellst. Kontaktinformationen hier: http://www.samplitude.de/de/seq/kontakt.html Oliver
  15. The ini entry is only necessary, if you want to trim the automation while in read mode. You can also set the automation mode to trim. When not in playback the complete curve will be shifted. Oliver
  16. Ich vermute mal, dass in den Systemoptionen (default shortcut 'y') unter > Effekte > VST/DirectX/ReWire das Häkchen bei 'ReWire aktivieren' gesetzt ist, aber kein ReWire-fähiges Programm geöffnet ist. Einfach deaktivieren, dann sollte die Meldung nicht mehr kommen. Oliver
  17. Hi Jens, probiers nochmal. Sollte jetzt gehen. Grüße, Oliver
  18. Hallo Jens, Du kannst bei der Installation der Version 10 einfach einen eigenen Installationspfad angeben. Das war's. Dann existieren Version 9 und 10 nebeneinander. Du musst nur noch der auf dem Upgradezettel beschriebenen Prozedur folgen, um den Dongle auch für die Version 10 freizuschalten. Er läuft dann auch mit beiden Versionen. Grüße, Oliver
  19. hi pj geerlings, sam-support recommends RME-interface cards (RME-Website). cheers, andy Nevertheless I'd recommend to check first if there are problems with your Lynx cards. Tobben for example is running a L22 card without these Lost Asio Buffer problems. Oliver
  20. Hmmm.... das verstehe ich nicht so ganz. Die erste Null war ja VORHER schon ne Null. Der Rahmen um die Spur war aber keineswegs blau, sondern eben unscheinbar schwarz. Wie krieg ich denn nun ne blaue Umrandung hin? Gruß Jens Du kannst die Farbanteile mischen. 255 bedeutet volle Sättingung. Also sollte 0, 0, 255 ein schönes blau ergeben, da 0 rot, 0 grün, aber 255 blau. Oliver
  21. Visit www.samplitude.com and go to support. After the log in you will find patches for your registered products in the download section. Oliver
  22. Yes. It's paying the straight price difference. Vx to Vx. Cheers, S Yes, that's right. Thanks Sebastian. You were quicker Oliver
  23. Hi Chulio, Editing in Samplitude using the Universal Mouse Mode is quite similar to editing in Pro Tools. You can trim start and ending of objects by simply draging the blue handles that you see in the picture. In the same way you can also adjust fade in/out and the object volume. In the Fade Editor (ctrl + F) or in the object editor (double click in the lower part of an object) you can adjust the fade curves. To seperate an object just place the cursor and hit the 'T' key. The biggest difference to other DAW is that Samplitude works object orientated. That means that you can apply effects, EQ settings, etc. to a certain object in the timeline and these effects will be calculated in real time while the object is played back. A different object on the same track can have completely different settings. In this way you can safe a lot of tracks and keep a better overview of large projects. Also, it is possible to open more than one session at a time. This can be quite useful sometimes. On the Samplitude 9 installer DVD there are some tutorial videos. I think they can be found at youtube. I can't tell anything about the rental version. Maybe you should write to samplitude@magix.net and tell them about your problem? Best, Oliver
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