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  1. So how do I allow windows to allocate more dsp usage to application Samplitude ? I don't believe there are some cpu allocations for dsp, or for something else but only calculations in general. I'm currently maxing at barely 20% of my cpu power if I'm reading you correctly. Which is very very bad I guess in regard to the potential of my system.
  2. So I should allocate more cpu availability to Samplitude ? like increasing the number of cores Samplitude is able to use in its options ? I already done that... I believe the samplitude threads of calculations are not shared enough to the different cores which causes saturation of processing to about 2-3 cores, on the 8 cores I have, I will try and survey that through a software to give confirmation.
  3. Same problem, DAW screens 90% cpu usage when windows shows 20% cpu usage. I can't find where to change the limit in Samplitude Pro X5
  4. seems in fact when you adjust crossfade time, then it offsets the track in time, so you're lost so as when the object starts, so I don't have any reference to where each take starts now, and it sounds out of sync, only few ms or dozen of ms, but enough to loose drum and bass dynamics, this is a horror show. Anyone had same crossfade and duplicate issues ?
  5. Ok I just seen why this offset, it seems the objects don't start exactly at the same time maybe because some were reccorded with pre count on the metronome and others didn't, will check this on the future Had also troubles with time stretch, which seemed to bug like didn't screen previous adjustments when return to parameters and other issues like didn't find my track tempo, couldn't drag object to adjust lenght and manual time stretch Once sent to AUX tracks don't show sin waves signals so difficult to identify, etc... many obstacles !
  6. All is in the title, i duplicated 16 times a few dozen of seconds objects and they are offset one to the other of about 1/2 second from the 10th and a few loops approximately I have set project tempo, i reccorded with tempo active, I did all good, I don't get why it's offset. Live ableton was much easier for loops, what a shame it has such a bad sound. PS I work on samplitude X5 pro
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