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  1. Hi Christian, I apologise for upsetting you. I am a complete newbie to this so please assume that currently, I know nothing. I Am however learning fast. I did not look at the manual because I was using help which is at the top of the list and so far I have found nothing that I was looking for on other subjects, so there is a tendency to give up with it. I must be using the wrong terminology or something. However I have not searched for Object Modes before I have now and found it in both. However the Manual looks easier to follow than the help and Hallelujah, I have been able to select Normal Mode. So, Thank you for your answers to date, including this one. They have been most helpful to a complete newbie. Best regards Barry
  2. Hi Christian, Many thanks for your reply. I much appreciated it. I am getting by now with holding the K key while dragging the track. Where can I find the "Switch to normal mode"? Thank you once again. Barry
  3. Hi There, I am slowly going mad, trying to import a wav file either by Drag and drop or via the Import menu item. Every time I try to align it by dragging the track right but it moves half of the rest of the tracks or bits of tracks with it. Clearly I am doing this wrong. Can some kind soul put me right please. Many Thans I am running Windows 10 with Samplitude Music Studio 2020 or 21 about screen says (DP3) Many Thanks Barry
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