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  1. Are AMD processors fully compatible nowadays with audio interfaces and daws ? Also Lukas if you know the answer, It seems to have been an issue in the past and I can't find if it's still the case, even though AMD proc seem 30% more powerfull in the mainstream of the line of products of processors
  2. I have 16Go ram currently, I see you have 32Go, is it something limitant ? as you seen in the last screenshot I shared, I curiously only use 32% of my 16Go RAM, is it also something misleading and limitant or not ? Should I upgrade 32Go, or if I build a new pc should I go for 64 or it is useless besides like big reverbs with loads of use of memory needed ?
  3. single core means in our case that for each track more plugin power, despite the multi-core performance which is the summation of all calculations ? Also what motherboard would you advice to go with this 5900X ? I need many pci express for uad dsp boards, I have 1 but plan to add another 1 maybe 2 more in long term, and my RME fireface needs also pcie-firewire interface. What is important to look in motherboard for audio ? bus speed...etc ? I dunno
  4. The first moderate commentary I saw about this cpu ryzen 9 5900X is that there is this i9 that costs 30% and has same perfs, is there something specific about cpus for audio and dsp in particular or not ? Core i9-10900K
  5. I've set all my 8 cores in perf settings and In effect my master has about 10 plugins in total so now I understand how work threads I'm not surprised I saturate my dsp capabilities. We see its thread on "processeur 1" obviously ! I think I should use an aux as an intermediate master so to divide in 2 my master effects on the same track. since this is unfortunately the only track I can't freeze so it really blocks me as you see my only 3 aux have only 3 effects in total, I had to freeze so much I had lost hope. here's task manager below, but why wanna check ? I got this CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.00 GHz You seem to well know the subject, would you recommend changing for a AMD Ryzen 9 or intel i9, I was surprised to see on simulation on a website that I would gain only a few percents of calculation power compared to my actual cpu (which is quite correct anyway) ? I ask because I feel so much restrained creatively into managing the mix and master by dsp power, so this is a real problem for me.
  6. Ty very much I'll look to install it and make it run with my 3 old pcs if this is something Audiogridder enables
  7. So if I dispatch my plugins for the same track through some sends on aux1 then aux1 will send on aux2, then aux2 to aux3 etc, I will enable to create several threads so not one thread/core won't ever saturate ? This will work ?
  8. So you say this is intrinsic to the cpu architecture regarding how much dsp thread each cpu model is capable of ? So this is speciallised units in cpu for dsp ? So which cpu is best optimised for dsp ? How to know which model to buy ? Or what is Samplitude compatible with in order to connect several computers in ethernet to get more power ?
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