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  1. Unfortunately, batch processing isn't enabled in the Sequoia 16 demo and it's the primary reason I'm considering it for mastering work. Here's what I'd like to do. Is it possible? For each of my projects, I render a couple dozen master mix versions (e.g., master mix, clean mix, vocal up/dn, tv mix, instrumental, various group stems). Stereo and surround versions of all, so around two dozen mixes/stems. For mastering, I want to work on the master mix in Sequoia, producing fades, volume adjustments, and applying my favorite 3rd party VSTs (e.g., equalizer, compressor, limiter) and, of course, the usual mastering operations (e.g., downmixing, downsampling, dither, format conversion). When finished, I want to apply everything I've done to ALL of my mix versions & stems en masse. The volume changes, the master channel plugins, dither, etc. In my other DAWs, I can load all of the mix versions and stems into separate tracks and apply automation and effects from the master bus, but each mix version must be manually soloed and exported. Each export takes between 5 and 15 minutes, so I can't go to lunch or do anything productive - just babysit the computer. It's horribly tedious and, if there's a mistake, half my day is wasted. Please tell me Sequoia can do this? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  2. When I try to import a 96 kHz 64-bit floating point multichannel (5.1 surround) audio file, the Sequoia 16 demo throws an error: "Open failed. <filename> Can't initialize media driver for this audio format." On the other hand, when I load a 24/96 version of the same multichannel file, everything works fine. The manual lists supported import/export file types but without stating any resolution limits, so I'm not sure what might be the problem. If there's a limit, what is it? For better and worse, all my mix masters are 64-bit floating point. Any advice is appreciated.
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