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  1. Sniffing around the forum -- which I should have done first -- it's clear that multitrack comping with take manager and take composer is possible. I just haven't figured out how. Will keep sniffing around . . .
  2. Hi. I was primarily a Samp user thru v7, I own v9 but haven't used it meaningfully, and I'm trying to sort out whether to switch to it as my primary mixing software again. This is really a newbie question, so I'm posting here; any help would sure be appreciated. The take manager/composer in v9 is a huge improvement over v7 -- take manager wasn't something I found usable in v7, while v9 works intuitively and well. The thing I haven't sorted out is how to use it across multiple tracks. There may be an extremely short answer, like 'you can't' or 'just do X.' To make sure I'm being clear about what I mean, let's say you have 3 tracks from a guitar: one spot mic plus a pair of room mics. If you're auditioning the takes in the take manager, you'll want them linked up, so that if Take 3 is playing on the spot mic, it's also playing in the room mics. Likewise, if you use take composer on the spot mic track to comp, you'll want the exact same comp on the other 2 tracks. I haven't found a way to associate the tracks to make this work. Is it possible? Thanks again, in advance. ####
  3. Tiny sidebar: Any of you follow digi's upgrade scheme? They whack you for a couple few hundred bucks every couple of months, it seems. Second tiny sidebar: Samplitude 9 upgrade from 7 is cheaper than a lot of plugin bundles, and cheaper than almost any other piece of meaningful gear in the studio. (I just spent more on power conditioners than the upgrade cost. I mean, that's nuts!) Third tiny sidebar: It does seem that somebody upgrading from 7 Pro should get a better deal than somebody upgrading from Red Rooster or whatever that was, or somebody cross-grading from another program. But see items 1 & 2 above . . .
  4. Thanks. Sidebar: Very excited to work in Samplitude at this point in my learning curve. I've been doing a lot of audio for about 6 years, but was still basically a hack when I 'switched' to Cubase. The last 2 years I've been doing audio nearly full-time, probably have 3,000+ hours in my studio and others since I last used Samplitude as my main program. So, while I look forward to Samplitude's advances since v7, I'm particularly excited because (I hope) I'm better situated to advantage of what the program can do. Sidebar 2: It may be unbecoming to say so, but if I never have to launch another Steinberg program, I'll be very happy. It's hard to explain if you've never been a heavy Cubase user, but the program just has this way of embarrassing you at the worst possible moment. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you! I'm sure that will make sense when I have Samplitude in front of me. Which reminds me: I'm $600 lighter, having bought the upgrade from 7 classic to 9 pro today. The way the synthax site looks, it appears that might even be shipping!
  6. Well, no, not that. Here's the situation: you have a gtr track, you have a stereo delay on an aux buss. The gtr track is panned, say, hard right. You want the aux send to the delay to come in hard left, so the delayed signal appears on the left. This is possible in SX3, cause you can pan your sends separately from the track itself, but if it's not possible in Samplitude, it's easy enough to duplicate the track and send wet-only to the delay.
  7. Right! I was with you tho. Anybody know anything about this last question? It's not a killer, but I often have a delay line panned opposite the dry track. Can be done by duplicating track, of course . . .
  8. It does help. That might be exactly how I do it . . . looks long when you read it, but I think it'll be simple to actually do. Thanks.
  9. Oh, 1 more little question: Is it possible to set the pan position of an aux send differently from the pan position of the track? This is a smallish point, but something I do a lot with delays. Thanks.
  10. I'm sure I'll be able to figure out a workflow for dealing with a dozen drum tracks. It may be thru the take manager, which wasn't really working that well in Samplitude 7. In SX3, I use folder tracks -- snips in the folder snip all tracks in the folder, and then I manually select each take for each track. Not exactly brilliant. I'm sure Samplitude has something at least as efficient for dealing with comping multiple tracks at once.
  11. Thanks Tekker and Frank for the information. I never noticed midi tracking latency until moving to SX3, and I guess you've explained why. It's also nice to know that manually adjusting the start time is possible. With a bounce thru hardware, manual adjustment is all I need. And he 'move' feature will be useful in the way that 'nudge' is useful in SX3 I guess; when a snare hit's a bit late, make it its own object, set the step amount to 1/64 and move the hit step by step til it sound right? As to multi-track comping, I'm assuming that Samplitude will let you select, for instance, 12 drum tracks, work on the take composer in 1 track, and then "apply to all selected." One of my fonder memories of Samplitude was that you could usually "apply to all selected" with just about anything. Is that right, as far as comping multiple tracks at once? Thanks again, everyone, for the help. It might be silly, but one of the things that makes Samplitude particularly a pleasure to use is THIS FORUM. C.F., cubase.net . . . . (Sidebar: I'm a rotten typist. English is my native language, believe it or not . . . )
  12. Nice, thank you. I reckon I could put in a zero-latency plugin and force the latency to 14ms, which usually about what it takes on my system to get out to a piece of hardware and back. At the same time, it's rarely much of an issue. A 14ms delay is only an issue at all if you're mixing wet and dry -- if you're using a compressor on a vocal and the vocal is 14ms late, it's really meaningless. Thanks again for your great help. Excited to get back to working in Samplitude. I'm waiting to upgrade directly from 7 to 9, so I guess it'll be a couple weeks anticipation . . .
  13. Outstanding. I REALLY appreciate your help with this. And all the answers are coming up just right. Thank you.
  14. Kraznet, thank you! That was a very elegant reply/demonstration. Really, that was some work, and I'm in your debt (and undoubtly in further debt to my credit card company . . . ). I'm now crystal-clear on comping and automation, both of which look outstanding. I wonder if "Select Takes" can be applied to all tracks selected. I bet it can, Samplitude always seemed to work that way. As to my remaining questions -- I'm sure the track, submix, and aux system will come back to me if I start working in Samplitude again. I actually just found my Samp 7 manual, will read through that. I'm sure that manual delay compensation must be possible, but I'd love to hear that confirmed. And, finally, I don't if my question about turning off delay compensation makes sense in the context of Samplitude. I did very little midi in Samp 7 . . . maybe none . . . so the latency was never an issue. With SX3, there's a mode where your plugins don't get delay compensation, but you can track midi with no latency (except the latency of your soundcard). Is there some equivalent in Samplitude, or is this not an issue? Again, many thanks for your remarkable and very helpful answers.
  15. Hi. I have Samplitude 7, made a bunch of records with it, liked it a lot, but eventually was lured over to Cubase SX3. Now I've made a bunch of records in SX3, and I'm frustrated and would like to go to Samplitude 9. I've read thru a lot of the forum here, but I'd be grateful if you'd indulge me. There were some things that really made SX3 easier for me, and I want to make sure that all this stuff will be possible in Samplitude 9: 1. Comp'ing. The difficulty of comping was the main problem I had with Samplitude 7, looks like it got a nifty fix somewhere in Version 8. I really like that, in SX3, I can see every take in its own lane on every track all the time. It looks like that's only possible on 1 track at a time in Samplitude, but that's probably ok. Are folks generally happy with the new take composer operation? 2. Automation. In SX3, everything can be automated just by turning automation on, playing and doing whatever it is you want, and then turning automation off. Each automation string appears as a sort of subtrack under the track itself. In Samplitude, I did all my automation at the object level, but certain things -- particularly volume in a track with a compressor on it -- seem to benefit to from track-level automation. Is it possible to view the track-level automation in Samplitude? (It's amazing how unfamiliar the program looks to me now. It hasn't been THAT long since I was using it every day, and now I can't remember how to do anything. 3. Trackes, Aux tracks, Submix Busses. This is embarrassing, I should know this, but how exactly are submix busses handled in Samplitude? 4. Manual time adjustment of tracks & track phase. In SX3, it's very simple to manually nudge a track forward or back a specified amount -- like the 14ms it takes to go out to my compressor and back, for instance. Anything like that in Samplitude? And, is there an 'invert phase' button? 5. Turning off delay compensation. In SX3, if I have a heavy project and want to add a midi part, the delay compensation makes it such that it's impossible (the delay between when you play the keyboard and when you hear the playback is too great). So there's this little button you can hit to turn off delay compensation, which solves the problem. Is there something equivalent in Samplitude? I have a bunch more little questions, but that's probably too much already. Thanks in advance.
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