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  1. are we able to change the hotkeys Alt+Ctrl in the keyboard shortcut menu? there are some plugins who use that combination. thx, OL
  2. glad to know it's on your radar...as I would use it for a lot more than guitars:) but having Vandal's type of response with a guitar synth would be truly welcome. Best, Oleksa
  3. Hi Sascha, I'm still on Sequoia 10.22, so I don't know if Vandal in version 11 has this, but I was wondering if not, whether something like this would ever be considered for Vandal. http://www.ehx.com/products/micro-synthesizer The sound is often used in conjunction with other guitar layers/pedals to give a nice thick tone that cuts through a heavy mix. Just curious. Best, Oleksa
  4. Also, keep in mind that many multichannel vst plugins don't work seemlessly in surround in Sampliquoia...hence the request for VV multichannel version, since it's reliable and works well in stereo... until these kinds of features are rock solid, it will be difficult to sell Sequoia as a serious audio for image post-production workhorse... it's wonderful for mastering and acoustic/classical work, but post-pro is a different beast altogether. OL
  5. ++++++11111111 Room Sim really is not useable for surround mixing heavy projects for post-pro. OL
  6. Hi Bob, I just finished working on a MOW, where the director sent quicktime movies and found that Sequoia could not handle .mov files that were at 24fps (23.98fps)...it seemed to not resolve the frame and video rates properly...and I think it had to do with mp4 compression, etc...However, when I opened these files in Vegas and re-exported as avi files using sorenson, they worked fine...I just set the project timeline to start at the timecode on screen... However, I was using short 12 minutes segments, I didn't test a full 2 hours in a row, so 'drift' could happen, in terms of playback frame rate calculation not being correct... I wish I was more confident with Sequoia and video, but I have always found that I have to work around to ensure that sync is maintained from beginning to end...whereas in Nuendo, and Vegas, or ProTools, using .aaf or other formats seemed much more reliable... If you just want to sweeten, another option is to simply import the audio, sweeten by ear and then re-export and give back the audio and let them conform to picture. Oleksa
  7. we've asked for a similar feature to the ProTools insert mode which would allow you to shift all objects to the right to make room for your new inserted object...very handy for huge sessions with thousands of objects Oleksa
  8. I agree that Samplitude should have the ability to have one video track with the option to load multiple video files in a sequence. When you're posting a film, or doing cut-scenes for games, etc...you need to be able to have all of your scenes accessible so that you can mix them all relatively. Nuendo, ProTools, and other DAWs allow you to do this...Samplitude should really let you do this, otherwise it should really be marketed purely as music app. Product differentiation for Sequoia should be really about some serious features that are different: higher end plugins, better cleaning and restoration, more surround capabilities, but I don't agree that this simple task of having a couple of video 'objects' on one track in Samplitude is unreasonable. It's a real pain for us, because I use Sequoia, but my colleagues are using Samplitude and we can't interchange VIPs with multiple video takes, and our studio doesn't have the budget to buy 3-5 Sequoia licenses. And yes, Greg, Samplitude is not competing with Vegas, as it has compositing, multiple video format inputs and outputs, etc...I think this request is very reasonable and modest. The only other way to get around it is to export a long .mxv file out of MEP, but then there are size issues for the files, and you are forced to 'post' the videos one after the other. My 2 cents. Oleksa
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