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  1. Yeah,....the very very basic video in Sam is what's holding me back from doing a full conversion from SX. I'll still be using SX 3 for as long as I need to score to picture...works great and fast... but for simple audio recording, it's Sam or Pro Fools for me...
  2. I'm guessing you have something like Matrox Powerdesk because I had that problem until I unchecked "centre dialaog and message boxes" under Powerdesk Desktop management . Regards Kraznet dibnabit! I think you may be right! I'll take a look when I get to the studio! thanks!
  3. Hi folks. Running Sam 9 here, for the first day.....AWESOME!!! Anyhoo, I have a triple head Matrox P750, and I have my VIP window in the center, mixer and transport on the right monitor, and WANT to keep the object editor open on the left monitor. But everytime I select a different object, the editor window disappears and re-appears in the middle monitor. How can I make it stay on the left monitor? PS: when is the slow/lagging screen re-draws going to be fixed? thanks!
  4. Hi folks. Another SX user here just jumped the ship to Sam 9! Who-hoo!! thank you...thank you... Anyway, I'm registered as a user of Sam Pro 9 and Sam Master 6, but I can't access the Sam user's forum.... help?
  5. WOO-HOO!!! My New Sam 9 arrived today! Awesomely excited to install!
  6. I've been wondering that forever too! It seems like no one here uses the MCU.
  7. Is there a list of new/improved things for Sam 9.1? I'm curious to see what's coming down the line!
  8. Well, I did it! Jumped off the 'ol Steiny ship and ordered Sam 9 from Eric at Synthax Canada.... Since we don't have phones, I had to use tried-and-true smoke signals. It took a while for Eric to get the message, as the wind was rather strong that day... I can't wait until we get morse code over telegraph lines....that's exciting! PS: Can Samplitude run under steam power?
  9. Hi folks... anyone get their super $399 deal from Synthax? I've been trying for the last week (credit card in hand) and I'm getting no response from Synthax Canada??!
  10. uh-oh....So then Jamstix won't output it's MIDI info correctly?!
  11. Hi folks... I remember hearing somewhere that Sam 9 comes with Magix video editor software?! Is that true? if so, can we use that to generate streamers for cueing foley and ADR? I can't see myself bying a new Mac and $3000 for VirtualVTR Pro! anyone? cheers rich PS: or, if you have another suggestion?
  12. Thanks Ric for your reply! You are right about what you said! Us Cubase users need to work with if for a bit and then start asking! However, I was perhaps addressing those who have used it for a bit. I am definitely planning on ordering the crossgrade soon! $399 usd is a deal to me! Say... what do I need to get it? I have SX 3.1 manual around here somewhere. I hear that I need to send a copy of it or something. Thanks guys, Jamie P.S. Anyone else who has used Samp 9 Pro for a bit and would like to chime in? The best way to get the details is from the source. I would recommend giving my man Jeff Peterson at synthax (U.S. & Canada distributor) a call. He is right friendly chap and has the full knowledge. Here is his phone: 330.259.0308 x107 I will PM you his full contact details, as posting it here would make him susceptible to spam bots. The synthax.com website still says $599 for x-grade to sam pro? and the synthax.ca (canada) website doesn't even have an online shop. How can us Canadians get the super duper x-grade deal? cheers rich
  13. If by pop you are meaning a bip of 1 frame of 1 kHz, it is more often 2 seconds before 1st frame (so if 1st frame is at 01:00:00:00, the bip is at 00:59:58:00). And normally it should be already on the video as a black before the actual film, with a "start" image 10 sec before 1st frame, and a "1000" or white (etc..) frame at the bip. Hope it helps, Laurent. Thanks Laurent. Yeah, the 2-pop is at -2sec before first frame, but I also wanted a 1 sec pre-roll before the 2-pop, hence 2sec+1sec= 3sec sometimes I get clients that have no clue about 2-pops, so I throw one on the audio track anyway and tell them to set it at 2 sec b4 first frame.
  14. I've tried that, (using -00:00:03:00 in the media link window) and the video kept starting around 00:00:01:00 instead of 00:00:03:00...and the time display for the VIP was still showing 00:00:00:00 as the beginning too... I'll have to keep trying...
  15. Hey! It's working...looks nice! But, I'm trying to get a 3 sec pre roll before the vid, so I can put a 2-pop in there. What's the best way to offset the VIP so I get -59:59:57:00 then do a midnight rollover and then get the video starting on 00:00:00:00? Or better yet, at hour 1 (01:00:00:00) I guess there's also no way to get the scrub working properly with the vid? Right now, as I scrub back and pause, the vid starts playing forward again (even if I have the scrub still).... Still working at it folks...thanks for all the help!
  16. thanks Andy. That dialog actually shows up in the demo too. But I was actually meaning the CD offset in regards to the track/index numbers. I think they go buy CD Frames. So if I put a CD track marker at the very beginning of an audio region in the VIP, then the CD offset would automatically burn the CD track marker 50 frames earlier than shown in the VIP. It has a great explanation in the sam help file, but doesn't actually tell you where to set the offset.
  17. hmmm.....It seems Sam 9's video syncing capablilities are much more basic than should be (for a $1000 program). There is no way to make sure the video stays sample accurate to the vip, or have a video track in the vip with frame pics in the track. Can we make hitpoints to calculate tempo in between smpte times?
  18. I'm now trying the CD burning/arrange in Sam 9 demo. I can't find the settings to check/change the global CD offsets. I found the explanation in the help files, but it doesn't tell you where to actually change the settings. How do I know how many CD frames my global offsets are? thanks!
  19. Hi folks.. just did a search on this forum and came up with this post...I have a ? regarding CPU %. I load up the demo vip with Sam9 on my core2duo 2.66Ghz CPU with 2Gigs ram, and my CPU usage for the demo song gets to about 36%!??!? That seems really incredibly high! Whereas a similar project when I run SX only peaks at about 10%-12%!! Even at ASIO buffer 1024 and VIP Buffer 2048....same CPU %. I mean, the project only has about 8 plugs running... any ideas? Or perhaps it's normal?
  20. That's the hard one...everytime I select all and then goto take composer, it just shows me the first track's data. I'll keep working at it!! Don't worry!!
  21. thanks Sebastian! I have a lot to learn! cheers rich
  22. ...still problems with scrub. I must admit, that the shuttle scrub SOUNDS better than Sx but it's still too wild. I can find no easy way to get a controllable scrub when using VSTi in my project too. Imagine having a 15 audio track, 4 VSTi VIP running and then trying to scrub an audio track. From what I see, I have to keep switching engines each time I need a useable scrub....but I guess that's the way it has to be. There are worse things in life....like Cubase 4
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