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  1. Hi folks... Still playing with the demo and deciding between Sam 9 and Sonar.... How easy is it (compared to Sonar or Cubase with fixed-lanes) to record and punch drums tracks (we're talking real drums, all mic'ed, about 11 tracks of audio). So far, I find doing comping etc in Sam really really (more) difficult than it should be. How would you record and punch an 11 audio recording (and then edit them together) cheers rich
  2. Thanks DF! I'll try it tomorrow....I just sure hope I don't have to goto setup options each time I switch from recording to edits every 3 takes (just to use scrub)....that would sure slow work down!
  3. If so...when can we get the deal here in US and Canada?
  4. ?! How did you get it working better than SX?....hmmm...let me try each engine... ......trying.........trying....... hmmmm.maybe I'm just not used to it? I tried all the playback engines and scrub versions, but it seems like if I move my mouse by 0.000001 inch, the scrub moves way too fast (unless I zoom in very very close, but then what's the point of scrub if you have to zoom in so close?) I tried adjusting the speed for all the options and everything. I want to be able to move the mouse a large distance, and have the scrub move slightly. Can anyone else here tell me their difference in 'feeling' between Cubase and Sam? It's really hard to explain...
  5. I hope so! That would be great. I do TONS of editing of full-length mixes for commercials (60,30,15,10 second edits of full song) and I use that scrub more than I use the bathroom! PS: Dr. thanks for all your help!
  6. Thanks Dr. Yeah, I've fooled around with those settings, one's way too fast for any real detailed work, and the others don't weem to actually scrub backwards. It's more af a mini-loop going forward-startagain-forward-startagain-forward type of "scrub". I'd like it to sound like "dew-wid-dew-wid-dew-wid" not, "dew-dew-dew-dew"
  7. Just doing a search here... how can we get a lexan overlay for the mackie control for Sam 9? Or is there a PDF download somewhere? thanks rich
  8. I'm almost there! I'm still trying to tame the scrubbing tool! I have no clue how to actually control it so it's as smooth as SX3 scrub. It's all over the map. I tried all the scrubbing types, adjusted the speed, used my MCU scrub wheel even...nothing, very unuseable when trying to find the top of the kick in a dense mix....hmm....
  9. Hi fellow past-steinberg users! I've YET to get the crossgrade...but it's getting very very close! I'll be playing with the Sam 9 demo again today in between clients.... I'll drop in here once in a while too, for your generous help and stuff! stick together!
  10. Since I can't find a post yet...but in reference to: http://forum.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.p...asc&start=0 and http://forum.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=65531 and http://forum.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=65505 and http://forum.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=47139 Is there going to be a MAJOR push by Magix to absorb the pi$$ed off Cubase users? ie: very tantalizing limited-time crossgrade offer?
  11. No real point really... Just that Sam 9's screen redraws are as slow as windows 3.1. If you have a 30 audio track project open and you scroll up or down, it's a broken/jumpy scroll, not smooth like other programs.. honestly, there are worse things that can happen in life! Like....Cubase 4
  12. Thanks. I know about the 2 display methods, but that seems like an unnecessary work-around for such primary display issues. Video cards and computers these days are more than able to display simple dialog boxes etc. This slow display also happens just when switching through the options in the pref setup dialog. The entire screen redraws with a flash. It happens with most Sam windows. But not on any other program I've ever used... hmm....too bad...I can't work without the waveforms, but I can't work with them. I wonder what would happen when I have 34 audio tracks, the mixer window, spectrum display, and 3-4 plugin windows open at the same time?
  13. Hi folks. I just downloaded the latest Sam 9 demo, and man...are the graphics REALLY SLOW! It's like some bad overlay VMware/virtual machine emulation of a completely different operating system. Why is this? Every other program is perfectly fast (Sx, Pro Fools, Reason, Wavelab etc) P4 3.0Ghz 1G Ram Matrox P750 triple-head
  14. Thanks Rich...I really appreciate that. When I say audio layback, I mean putting your final mixed audio back onto the same video file (similar to SX's non-working "add audio to video file".) So is there a way to do pre-roll though? If Sam only lets you import the video track, I assume it starts at bar 1:1:1, but can we do a minus time for pre-roll (ie: start the Sam project at -99:1:1)? Happy New Year!
  15. Hi folks... I've been lurking for a while here. I use Cubase SX 3 now but I'm very interested in Sam 9's video features. How much better/worse is scoring to avi/qt in sam 9 VS cubase SX3? Anyone have experience with both? ie: hitpoints, video file/codec support, audio layback etc... thanks!
  16. yes, called Custon Digi Pack ! I've got it somewhere in my computer... Do you want I search it and release ? Phil That would be AWESOME!!
  17. How about "Samskins" ? (I know - its out of date now......) Thanks! I've seen that one too. But I remember long ago there was a Digidesign-style skin (silvery, nice faders etc) and I don't know where to find it anymore... oh well, I guess Samp's skins aren't really used by anyone...
  18. OK, I've searched this entire board and no one seems to really have a site with Sam skins. And I don't believe Sythnax is the only place in Internet land that makes them.... where are all the Sam skins?
  19. I think I got it. I changed the two-speed setting in the scrub pref thingy... Although it's still kind of weird, maybe I'll get used to it.
  20. Hi folks... still playing with the Sam 8 demo. I'm used to having a really quick scrub with Cubase. It follows your mouse exactly and you can really scrub accurately to the downbeat. I notice Sam scrub is a little too 'rubbery' and slow with over shoots etc...is there a way to make the scrub follow exactly your mouse cursor? I have the scrub buffer to 256 now and it still 'lags' thanks!
  21. hi folks. I have the samp 8 demo, but would like to load a demo VIP that I can fool around with. Is there one available somewhere? (so I don't have to keep re-importing my own track wav files everytime I want to play with Sam)? thanks!
  22. Hi folks. I'm trying the Samp8 demo, how do you STOP the waveform in the arrange window from reflecting the fader level in the mixer? thanx
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