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  1. Hi,

    Does samp have a functionality for syncing audio clips to the project type? I mean anything like Ableton and its warping or even Cakewalk's Project5 and its groove clips. Specifically, I have a 16 bar audio clip that I want to put into a project and have it play in time, and I want to be able to adjust the project tempo without having to do anything to the audio clip.


  2. A couple of things I've noticed with Samp and Sonar (I have an older Samp v7 and Sonar 6)...

    1. Try some simple things like normalizing in both apps. Samp can independantly normalize differen objects almost instantly. Sonar take forever to normalize. I don't know why but it's annoying. Maybe the two programs are actually doing two different things I just don't know it!

    2. When I load up the cpu using vsti, Samp will run smoother at high cpu use than Sonar. Sonar starts to bog down faster.

    3. If you need to edit your .wav files (ie use a pencil tool to remove a click), Sonar can't do this while Samp can. With Sonar you need another audio editor

    4. Sonar is maybe the most progressive company in some respects. I think they were the first to support Vista and appear to be working hard with the stakeholders in getting 64bit working, WaveRT working, MMMCSS, etc....

    5. both programs have some nice plugins, it's difficult to give one an edge over the other but Sonar probably wins out with Dimension LE.


  3. Okay, I haven't gotten much response back on the 8 vsti limit in Samplitude question

    I'm now wondering if more vsti can be added to Samplitude (non-pro, SE or music studio) by using them inside EnergyXT.

    In other words, can I insert EnergyXT and inside it insert 3 instances of Rapture (for example). Would this count as 1 plugin or 3/4 plugins?

    If someone could test this I would appreciate it.


  4. I was thinking about upgrading to Samp 10, the non-pro version. I just realized that it only supports 8 vsti though. Although the spec seems to be very clear, I can't quite believe this to be true. Only having 8 vsti per project seems extremely low to me. This would easily get chewed up by a couple of drum synths, 1 or samplers, and a few other synths. Even a really basic composition that incorporates various little bleeps and bloops would get maxed out extremely quick. It's hard to believe that a $500 program would do that. Having said that, for home/hobbiest users this is also probably the biggest single difference between the regular and pro version imo. So is the concept to shell out an extra $500 so a person can use more than 8 vsti? That's kind of weird...



  5. Hello,

    I have v6 so I don't have access to the other forums. Most of the functionality hasn't changed too much I don't think so I'm hoping that newer users can help.

    The task at hand is not difficult, I'm just looking for the most efficient way to do it. I am editing recordings (radio recordings) and I want to edit out the speech between songs. Here is what I'm doing right now:

    1. start with a single (long) object

    2. split the object where the speech starts

    3. split the next object (created from #2) where the speech ends

    4. delete the middle object that contains the speech

    5. on the 2nd object I drag the crossfade toggle at the beginning of the object for a fade-in

    6. drag the 2nd object to the left over top of the first object and an auto crossfade is created. I'm not picky on how the crossfades sounds.

    The above steps work but maybe there's an easier way. perhaps the middle object doesn't need to be created and deleted?


  6. With Samplitude Classic v9, is Variverb usable outside of Samp as a vst? Or is it only available in Samp?

    BTW, what's needed to post a question in the Samp forum? I've registered an older version of Samp (Samp Studio v6), but either I don't know how to properly use the forums, or that version doesn't give me full forum abilities.


  7. Hi,

    I'm still using Samp Studio 6. For a while now I've been doing a lot of recordings at 88kHz. I then get my files ready for cds and use the cd burn function. Samp creates a new .wav file that is 44.1kHz before burning the cd. However, I have one VIP that was recorded at 88kHz but it plays back at the wrong speed. I have to set the playback speed to 22kHz. The object name says "Take 1 Resampled". I seriously don't recall resamplinng this .wav. The file info lists the .wav as being 88kHz. This isn't making any sense to me... Any ideas?


  8. Firstly, the spec says 8 vsti (native support w/ single outputs). How does v8 Classic handle vsti that are multitimbral? 8 with only one channel per vsti? Or can it be multiple channels per vsti?

    Secondly, what is MIDI machine control (MMC)? Does this have anything to do with being able to assign cc to vsti, so that I can control vsti parameters with my midi controller?


  9. Hi,

    For the past few years I've been mixing tracks in Samplitude and burning to CD with cd text. The text shows up in displays on cd players, and it shows up when I make copies of the cd using programs like Feurio. However, the text does not show up when I use programs like iTunes. Can anyone help explain this?



  10. I've had this problem with the Samplitude 7 demo, as well as my Sampltitude Studio 6.04. I'll be playing back a .wav, and all of a sudden the sound stops. Here is a detailed example:

    1. open vip with one audio track

    2. press play, not neccessarily at the start of the track

    3. can hear audio for less than one second

    4. level meter stops showing activity after about 4 seconds

    5. cursor stops moving

    6. pressing play again does nothing

    7. can recover audio by going into the audio properties and toggling between 24-bit playback and 16-bit playback

    This is a very intermittant problem. Sometimes it will happen in the middle of playback (instead of happening right after pressing play). When it happens in the middle of playback, it's usually in a place where there's a transitiion from low (no) volume to a "normal" level (-10 db).


    Echo Mia audiocard

    directx 8.1 (tried 9 too)

    wdm and asio drivers



  11. As an ex-Logic user, I am continually evaluating which software to use for my new midi sequencer. The Samp7 demo seems pretty good but I have a few reservations. Firstly, v7 Pro is very expensive. Secondly, some of the midi editing is a bit lacking, as is the rewire support. These issues need to be addressed before Samplitude Pro becauses a serious contender for people like me (hobbiest who only needs the audio capabilities of Classic + vsti/midi editing support).


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