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  1. After reading around on some other boards, I hear Samp 7.2 will be pretty cool with its improved midi functionality and what not. When is the _estimated_ release date and will there be a demo of that version available as well? -spruce
  2. Hi folks and Norman, I'm a Logic Audio PC user thinking about moving to Samplitude. I've played with the demo and ran into these inconveniences that haven't been mentioned here. I'm a heavy VSTi user and can deal with the current midi implementation, but have thoughts on the usability of the VSTi flow. Please forgive if these situations are different in a registered/updated version I don't have. 1. Can't use [Delete] key in open VSTi window. This would make naming patches and other internal VST things easier. Like modifying instrument modules in Kontakt without having to use the pull-down. 2. Keystrokes to move back-and-forth through VSTi presets 3. Cool feature: Last preset bank is remembered and loaded when opening VSTi 4. When copying channel settings, VST fx are ignored, only DX are moved Anyway, my 2 cents. Love the sound quality, let me know if you need a beta tester (read: free ride for me ) -spruce
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